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How to choose your outfit for a spring wedding

Spring weddings are always joyful thanks to the lovely weather and positive atmosphere that this season is known for. Spring is not always an easy season to dress for, because it is less predictable than both summer and winter. Read…

Science & Tech

Three trends shaping the metal industries

Times of change lie ahead for the metal industries, so let’s look at three major factors to which they must adapt. Involving communities The world has become a crowded place and the people in it are more conscious of environmental…


How to avoid four common landlord mistakes

Many people wrongly assume that being a property landlord is fairly simple; in fact, the role can be demanding and complex and can easily lead to costly mistakes. Let’s take a look a four common landlord mistakes. Overcharging rent Charging…


Getting Ready for Twins

Being a parent is one of the most wonderful yet also the most fearful roles a person might have in their life. Children are a blessing but realizing just how much responsibility lies on our back can make us fear…


Top types of metal shelving

For workshops, storage spaces, garages or utility rooms, metal shelving can be a practical and sturdy option that also offers an industrial sense of style. There are many different types of metal shelving that can offer economical and long-lasting storage…

Home Repair

Considerations when buying a park home

A park home is a home that is not physically built into the ground; therefore, although it is a home in every other sense of the word, there are some differences regarding legal rights and regulations. There are also different…

Beauty & Health, Fashion

How to Tell if Lingerie is Sustainable/Vegan

It’s been revealed that millennials are increasingly becoming interested in sustainability. In fact, 34% of millennials say they’ve been driven to make a fashion purchase just because it was sustainable. If you’re one someone who’s conscious about where their clothing…


Answering The Fertility Question

When the time comes to start a family, your fertility suddenly becomes important. Too many people approach it as a binary question, asking simply ‘am I fertile?’. Yes is a good answer to get, but even within that your fertility…


5 Gym Apparel Brands to Try in 2019

It can become slightly tiresome seeing the same three or four brands in the gym, which all offer a similar style of workout clothing. There are also new brands starting up all the time which provide a unique take on…