There is no question about the taste of Vietnamese dishes. They are famous around the world because regardless of your preference in food, you will enjoy eating Vietnamese cuisine. Apart from the taste, you will also love eating these dishes because of the health benefits. If you are a health-conscious person or you are trying to be one, these dishes will be right for you.


Vegetables are always present

Most Vietnamese dishes have vegetables in them. Whether you want a serving of spring rolls or a bowl of pho, you will most likely find nutrient-packed vegetables there. If not, some of the dishes come with vegetables on the side. For instance, if you purchase barbecued pork, you might receive the order with a side of fresh and raw vegetables. If you are not into vegetables, you will become a fan as you start getting used to Vietnamese cuisine.


Herbs and spices

Instead of using artificial sweeteners or too much salt, Vietnamese dishes usually maximise the use of natural herbs and spices. From cilantro to mint and cinnamon, you will find these herbs in Vietnamese dishes. It is why the flavours are outstanding. You might find some of the herbs a bit weird though if you are yet to try them. However, if health is your primary consideration in choosing food, you will have a blast with Vietnamese dishes.


A perfect balance 

You will find Vietnamese dishes with an ideal balance of ingredients that make them healthy and guilt-free. Even if you are eating meals with lots of meat, you can also find some vegetables and spices to balance it out. If you want meat, but you want to avoid fried dishes, you will also have tons of options. For instance, you can have Bun Cha, which is grilled meat with noodles on the side, and soup with tons of herbs.


The dishes are great as they are

You might receive a condiment set when you order Vietnamese dishes. You can adjust the taste of the meal depending on what you want. However, given the ingredients used in preparing these meals, you do not need to worry about the taste. They are all great, even without changing anything. If you are trying your best to reduce your intake of salt and sugar, you will benefit from Vietnamese dishes.

Given these reasons, the dishes are worth trying. You do not even need to go to Vietnam to taste them. In London, there are tons of exciting restaurants to choose from if you wish to eat Vietnamese dishes now. 

Apart from trying a firstclass Vietnamese restaurant London offers, you will also find Vietnamese dishes on food trucks, ready for people on the go. You could also order them online and ask for home delivery. 

If you wish to change your lifestyle now and start eating healthy, you will find it easy to do when you opt for Vietnamese dishes. You will not feel like you are getting starved or deprived of what you want to eat.