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January 2018


Biking As A Form Of Sports

Depending on the type, biking can become a high intensity personal sports that train many parts of your muscle groups. Many people choose freeride style during biking, because they can do anything with the style. They may jump, race downhill…

Food & Drink

How And When To Fold Your Bread Dough?

If you want to have a perfect loaf of bread, you need to fold the dough and it is a must-do technique if you want to get much better results. Many recipes require us to have a long, initial fermentation…


Things You Should Do In Uzbekistan

Central Asian states share the same theme, it was a former Mongol Empire territory and Silk Road passed through it. Just like other places in Central Asia, you can also find many historic places in Uzbekistan. There’s a ton of…


How To Work Well With Your Travel Agents?

Travel agents should help you do many things. They are able to arrange transportation, hotel reservations and other details that can be too complex for you to handle on your own, especially if you are new to travelling to other…


How To Temporarily Ditch Your Car?

When travelling, you will finally find that you don’t need your car at least for a few days. Some areas can be unreachable by car or it’s better for you to take public transportation. In this situation, you should find…


The Effects Of Piracy On The Film Industry

Film piracy is a lingering problem in the industry and it continues to causes multiple problems for film makers. It was started by dodgy VHS and CDs, then piracy becomes massive with the introduction of illegal downloads. The film industry…