Directors are those who shape the overall film production processes. Without good directors, even films with the best storylines will become mediocre at best. When it comes to best directors, we often find Martin Scorsese included in the list. He helped to launch Robert de Niro into stardom. He is known for the ability to change most mundane subjects into things that are exciting to listen to.  Christopher Nolan is also known for his ability to add various twists and turns in his film. He is able to integrate amazing storylines with charismatic characters.

Not many directors are able to make their characters feel interesting with great storyline. Ridley Scott is a director known for his diversity in terms of film making. At one time, he directed a noir sci-fi film, followed by historical and military film. It has been proven that Scott is known for his ability to create great action movies. He continues to pay a lot of attention to details. Time and time again, he comes up with the type of film that feels enchanting and diverse. Scott continues to be among the most popular directors for many years to come. James Cameron isn’t the most productive producers out there.

There’s often a long gap between his films, but he continuously directs masterpieces in the film industry. He has a complete control on all aspects of film editing and all his works clearly scream quality. He makes marvellous sci-fi action film, like Avatar; although Titanic isn’t everyone’s favourite. Even so, it still has great look and feel, regardless of the storyline. Luc Besson is a non-Hollywood film director, but he has a place among the best directors. He choose projects with great precisions with notable films, such as Leon the Professional and Fifth Element. Dennis Dugan may not be among the best known directors, but is known for making great films, especially in collaboration with Adam Sandler.

Quentin Tarantino is one of everyone’s favourite directors and he even becomes among the ultimate cult directors. His use of characters and dialogues are simply unimaginable. Every top actor and actress would love to work with Tarantino because they know that it will turn out to be an interesting experience for them. Tarantino is also known for his unwillingness to bow to common social pressures and he always manages to create a blockbuster regardless of his unusual approach. Another director that we need to consider is Ron Howard, although he has only a few mega hits. Such as the Beautiful Mind and Da Vince Code.

David Fincher directed one of the greatest crime thrillers in the film industry, Seven. The film surprised many by its unexpected twist. Fincher is known for its immaculate film making technique and he seems to have a Quarterback-like style in his approach. He knows how to do magical things with his work. This could happen due to years of research and planning involved in making wonderful movies.