Before having children, we only have to worry about what we were wearing and we could spend time choosing fabrics, cuts and styles that we like. But, when you have children, you often end up putting more effort and thought into their outfits. When your children become a little more independent, they will want to pick their own outfits and clothes, which won’t always be agreed on – by you or them! This makes choosing clothes which your children will actually want to wear much more difficult, but with these tips, it doesn’t need to be!


Pick A General Colour Scheme

All children are different and, like adults, one colour may not work with their hair or eye colour and make them seem washed out. Isolating and choosing a colour scheme which works all year round and which can be applied to almost all clothing pieces is an easy way to ensure that no matter what, they’ll look well-dressed and smart.


Even if your little one is becoming more independent and wants to choose their own clothes in the mornings, then having a set colour scheme means that this can be done without any arguments or disagreements. Blues, reds and whites work well together, as do muted blues, pinks and yellows. Another plus is that similar colour tones means there will be less washing loads to do, which is a bonus!


Choose Fabrics Which Will Withstand Anything

The material that children’s clothing is made from can be hit and miss sometimes. Cheaper materials and fabrics will stain and lose their shape much easier than high-quality fabrics, so if you want to ensure the longevity of your children’s clothes, then you must invest in good fabrics and look for brands that offer boys or girls boutique clothing, where extra care goes into the manufacturing and materials. After many washes, soaks and irons, you want your children’s clothes to look the same as they did when you first bought them and soft fabrics are far less likely to irritate or rub against your children’s skin. Soft cotton clothing will not only wash well but, as it isn’t itchy or irritating, will make your children want to wear it.


Get To Know What They Want To Wear

All children love wearing different clothing styles, whether it be twirly skirts or comfy pants, so try to keep this in mind when choosing your children’s clothing. Take them with you on a shopping trip and let them pick a few pieces of their own, whilst you ensure the quality of the fabric. Whilst you care about what your child wears, try not to care too much to make it into a big battle. Ensuring that they have pieces of clothing that they love wearing will make sure there is happiness all around.


Be Realistic About Occasion Wear

If you’re shopping for an occasion dress or smart pants for an upcoming wedding or party, be sure to choose something which your little ones will love wearing for hours on end. Pants which are uncomfortable and dresses made from itchy material or with irritating designs can have an impact on your child’s overall mood, and yours, whilst you are at an occasion. Invest in good quality designer childrenswear and this will last you for years, or until your child goes through their next growth spurt!  


Pick Classic Shapes and Fun Details

Whilst following the latest fashion trends can be fun, it does mean that any pieces you pick will date quickly. When it comes to kids fashion, it’s best to stick to classic styles and fits, but these can be accessorised with fun little details. For example, a navy pair of jeans a striped sweater may be plain, but cute red bows or a patent pair of pumps will look effortlessly adorable. For boys, trousers and a shirt look cute, but when paired with braces or a mini bow-tie, this will create a whole new look. Classic shapes will always work as they have room to be grown into and styled differently, meaning you can make the most out of your children’s wardrobes.