Interior design in recent years has seen colour, colour and more colour. We were painting and papering our homes with all manner of outrageous colours, textures and patterns. In our fast-paced lives it seems to us that our home should be our sanctuary. A place to relax and unwind. A boldly printed wallpaper lunging off the living room walls just will not aid relaxation! With this in mind, we are welcoming with open and grateful arms the rising trend in modern neutrals.

Not Just Magnolia

While the term ‘modern neutrals’ might sound like another Instagram hashtag, it is in fact a beautiful trend that takes both inspiration from the past, when we kept home décor to the basics, and from a modern approach to decorating our homes with a focus on harmony and relaxation. Before you think that this all sounds a bit too magnolia, come with us into a world of calming colour palettes that ease the soul and quieten the mind.

Pale Tones, Calming Colours

Modern neutrals include pale shades of grey, pink, blue, stone and even dusty whites. With walls and ceilings painted in such tones, the rest of the home comes to life. The furniture again becomes the focus: curving and inviting sofas, soft and layered bed linen and rich curtains.

Modern Features

The modern neutral trend applies to the infrastructure of our home design. Against pale walls, column radiators in metallics, greys and off-whites look fantastic and, above all, contemporary without being cold. There is a wide range of column radiators to choose from, and they are great space savers.

Keep It Natural

Take influence from nature and bring those tones inside your home. Pinks and greens that before were lurid and bold calm down when used in pale neutral tones. Add plants to your home for a calming influence and mood booste.

Pale Walls, Dark Wood

A room with pale tones on the walls can take rich dark woods in the furniture. Heavy oaks and teaks look gorgeous when placed in a neutrally painted room. In a room with more bold or dark walls, such furniture can look and feel too heavy. Pale walls make any room seem brighter and lighter, allowing for more balance when contrasted with your antique dresser, desk or leather reading chair.