I might seem like a hassle, but changing energy supplier has a lot of benefits you may not have ever considered. Energy is something you depend on every day, and while saving money is likely to be your main concern, there are other things to consider in the bigger picture. Here’s a look at 4 reasons you should consider changing your energy supplier :


It’s Easy!

It might seem like a complicated procedure to change energy suppliers, but these businesses go out of there was to do everything for you, which is a great reason to switch to a better provider. In all likelihood, you’re just one phone call away from making the change, and the only other thing they’ll need to do is come around and install a smart meter (which is usually a choice). And that’s it away you go with new energy.


It’s Cost Effective

The majority of energy provider make their money from their long-term customers that never consider switching because of the hassle. But the reason why you see new energy companies advertising better prices, is because they are a lot cheaper! Companies have modernised and while some people choose to stick with an older provider the new ones are constantly looking for ways to save you money, by changing your tariffs to suit your needs and sending suggestions on how you can save money.


To Go Green

Currently the UK is massive on improving the way businesses operates and with green energy suppliers offering a sustainable option for everyone there’s no reason not to change. Green energy uses wind, water and solar alternatives to fossil fuels which means that your energy choice is improving the environment. Some people assume that it will cost more to switch energy suppliers to a green company, however, the majority are offered at either a similar or lower price, giving you no reason to say with your current supplier.


If You’re Renting

It’s surprising to learn that there are a number of people renting that aren’t aware that you can switch energy suppliers if you are unhappy. Usually, when you move in you are left with the previous renter’s provider, and if you find the cost to be more or you want to switch to a green provider, that you are fully entitled too. When you move in this should be one of the first things you check, as tariffs can be inflated to new tenants.