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E-commerce: Europe wants to double the stake by 2015

The European Commission has presented a roadmap for developing e-commerce in Europe with the aim of doubling it by 2015 and removing obstacles such as delivery prices, payment difficulties and market fragmentation. “Online commerce is very little developed between Member…

Beauty & Health

4 Ways to Keep Your Immune System Strong

During winter, the opportunity to become ill thanks to an underperforming immune system is that much more likely. Not only are you more vulnerable due to the colder weather, but the instinct to stay inside during this period means you…

Beauty & Health


Waist trainers have become a popular option for reducing weight as well as for muscle building. There are many varieties of weight cinchers available in the market. So, how do you buy the best waist trainer without getting confused? Just…


Is Auto Insurance Mandatory in Dallas, TX?

Unless you live in New Hampshire, you need auto insurance. 49 out of the 50 states in the US require you to drive a car with an active insurance policy sitting in your car’s dashboard or kept safe at your…


Advantages of Learning Digital Marketing

These days, everything is becoming digital. Whether you have to sell or buy something, you have to talk to your loved ones or you need some information about anything, all these things you do through the digital medium. That is…


Road Trip Destinations: 10 Terrific Spots in the UK

The United Kingdom is unique, special and full of contrasts. The wealth of its historical monuments is simply amazing and it’s impossible to find places there that look alike. Visiting the UK is one of the first objectives of any…