The streetwear trend is on the rise, and a lot of luxury brands are showing a lot of love for incorporating the trend into autumn and winter styles. Looking at earlier collections and the latest hype on social media, we’ve got an update on the autumn and winter streetwear styles to keep an eye out for in 2019. 

Up and Coming Brands

There aren’t that many rules when it comes to men’s streetwear clothing. Whilst luxury streetwear brands are mentioned the most, fans of the trend are noticing and wearing more up and coming brands to stand out. Keep an eye out for brands that are closer to home, and offer something unique that the bigger brands don’t offer. 

Relaxed Fit

Whilst the skinny and slim fitted trend has taken over the style reigns for a few years now, that could all be set to change this year. The more casual fit that is taking over jeans and joggers recently is a much edgier style than we have seen over the past few years and is incorporating the streetwear trend for an edgier style.

Clashing Designs

With most styles, you would usually wear one patterned item with the rest of the outfit being more neutral. This enables the wearer to highlight the design and show the thinking behind their choices. This year, however, the streetwear trend is taking over this rule. Mismatched patterns for trousers, mens graphic t shirts and trainers is a big trend for this year. The clashing designs are really making the style stand out and is a trend that streetwear fans love to wear and is effortless to pull off. 

Retro Brands

With the likes of Kappa, Reebok and FILA making their way back into high street stores, the trend of retro brands is in full swing. Retro trainers and tracksuits are a huge staple of streetwear, and the relaxed style of tracksuits are gaining a new legion of fans. As previously mentioned, there are no rules to the streetwear trend, so if you’re after an edgy look why not try a mismatched retro tracksuit or a fitted tracksuit for an on-trend look?

Detailed Graphic Tops

Complementing clashing designs and patterns, graphic T-Shirts are on the rise. Often with iconic prints on, brands are now sharing their take on the trend and are offering edgy, artistic symbols to enable your T-shirt to stand out.