Goa is India’s first e-bike tours

Goa welcomes its tourists with open arms every time. Parties and shacks are synonymous with a Goa trip. However, there’s a lot to be seen in Goa other than its beaches. Goa is full of new experiences for anyone and everyone who’s looking for them – especially those who are now tired of visiting frequently-visited touristy spots and wish to dive deeper in history, culture, music, food and other such experiences that Goa has to offer.

A new addition to ever-so-happening Goa is India’s first e-bike tours, currently available only in Goa. All those looking for a Goa beyond beaches, here’s an experience worth having – b:live brings the best of Goa on e-bikes. These smart and savvy e-bikes are easy to operate and comfortable. In fact, riding is a breeze on the b:live bikes. Young, old, confused or confident – they’ve got bikes and tours that suit anyone and everyone. On these specially curated tours, one gets to see quaint cosy neighborhoods, winding by-lanes that take them on quirky discoveries, vibrant homes and their histories which all adds to the ultimate e-cycling experience. All this, without leaving a carbon footprint behind. Yes, b:live bikes are electric so, taking a b:live tour saves around 90,000 pounds of carbon from being released in the air. It’s just one more and a natural excuse to opt for these tours when in Goa next time.

When you’re tired of the beaches and booze, you’re never far away from stunning views and lip-smacking local food. Travel back in ancient Portuguese time as you wander the streets of Panjim, or trade your wheels for a ferry and explore the lesser-known Divar island. You can cycle past the paddy fields, admire the narrow-winding roads, cutting across steep hills, ride down the colourful by lanes of Sao Tome, which exhibit fine examples of traditional Goan architecture using natural resources that were locally available. From sluice gates to mysterious caves, from old manos to abandoned temple sites, see the multi-cultural side of Goa that is preserved to this date. If you find a reason to leave this island, it could only be to explore one more of such lesser-known side of Goa.

Man in Goa

Goans are known as easy-going for a reason. They have a different pace of life but you would never ever see a glimpse of their daily life if you spend your entire trip on the beach or inside a car. Chatting with fisherwomen, eating a freshly caught fish, buying local produce, learning about traditional games or festivals are just a few of the many experiences you’ll be treated with. Take time to experience a Goa that most tourists don’t even get a glimpse of.

The beaten path is hard to escape, but that shouldn’t stop you. In fact, take a short ride and be with calm and welcoming locals. It’s a perfect setting for a holiday that’s both active and relaxing at the same time. Some of the tours take you through coastal fishing villages and verdant farmland where one can have a closer look of a countryside lifestyle. It’s a perfect way to unwind. Discover the natural and cultural wonders of a Goan village life. It helps forget board rooms and con-calls completely, temporarily. After all, it’s the escapes that make the entire journey incredible.

Tree in Goa

The guides or as they say on the ride, the Captains were well trained, well informed and passionate. They would ensure that we had an informative, and enjoyable ride. They were super fun to talk to but would take our safety very seriously. You’ll have all the gears one could possibly need. And you’ll have all the chances to click pictures, just follow your captain’s instructions. All the tours begin with a briefing by the captains and end with capturing an unforgettable memory of Goa.

A must-have experience for all the foodies-alike is the food trail by b:live. Portuguese and Kokani come together on the tables of food trail. From starters to desserts, the meal includes different courses of local cuisine. The unbelievably mouth-watering food was nuanced with a special Goan cocktail, served with an astonishing variety of flavours that could satisfy any diner or appetite. And the best bit was, we didn’t have to pedal our way back. So, you could refuel yourself on the delicious food and drinks, as much as you like. This trail only happens on Fridays but if you request earlier, there’s a possibility that they might be able to customise a tour for you.

What to expect: 

From the first throttle as you leave the hub, to a wander around the city and villages, you’ll be equal parts charmed and in awe of this immersive, curated experience. Feel the pulse of a Goan life as you ride through the paddy fields or an old city, its sprawling gardens, squares and lesser-known gems. Get insights into the layers of Portuguese and pre-Portuguese history, bringing together best of experiences – these curated rides are the best way to see and unseen side of Goa.

What to carry: 

A tip for all the fellow riders – It’s best to wear really comfortable clothes and shoes. Riding an e-bike is more fun when you have nothing bothering you.

What’s the best:

It’s India’s first e-bike tours. Literally, this is one-of-a-kind experience that you can have in Goa. So, be among the first to cycle a new road, a new ride. Once you take a ride, your followers will follow.

These are just a small handful of the countless reasons why one should totally experience these curated, immersive, local e-bike tours. Goa never disappoints and we can say the same about these curated e-bike tours.