Streetwear is arguably one of the biggest and most influential style trends of 2019 and has even infiltrated the luxury high-end brands such as Gucci. Big-name brands such as Off-White and A Bathing Ape feature in the high-end catwalks and influence some of the fast-fashion brand’s streetwear looks. Which is all the more reason to pay attention to fashion week and what’s going on outside of the show venues. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the autumn/ winter trend for AW19.


Check outerwear

Overcoats are one of the biggest style trends for this Autum for both men and women. The unisex style is one of the biggest wardrobe staples, as it’s really versatile and can be styled with streetwear clothing, tracksuits and a more established look. Strong patterns for AW/19 are checks and camel tones. 


Pop layers

In terms of fashion, Autumn and Winter feature much more muted tones typically. If you want to stand out form the crowd, then one of the biggest urban streetwear styles for outerwear this season is bloc colours. Such as bright blues, silvers and reds. This is a great colour for bubble coats, over the head jackets and everything in between.



It may sound strange, but fringes are becoming one of the biggest mens hair trends this season. The blunt fringe 2.0 is fatured alongside a textured chop and a ruffled up style. This is an easy, edgy look that’s hit the catwalk in a big way in 2019. This style looks great with beanie hats too, to create the ideal winter look.


Light wash denim 

Light washed denim hasn’t been cool for quite some time, instead black skinny jeans are more of a favoured fit. For AW19, mens streetwear is all about rubber-stamped light wash denim, to be paired with a large outer coat and some winter boots/ trainers. 

Although this may feel like a familiar style, it’s all about the cut and fit this season. Instead of opting for the light wash skinny jeans, it’s all about going for a loose or striaght fit, to give an almost vintage feel to the look.   


Tonal Neutrals 

AW/19 is moving away from the dark and dreary tones and in their place are tonal neutrals. These provide a breath of fresh air in an otherwise somewhat dull wardrobe. By layering different light tones, you can create a fantastic mens streetwear autumnal look. Tones such as shades of white, cream, stone, camel and beige are great tones to try out in your winter wardrobe.