Casino games are the buzz word that has captivated the audience for decades and decades. Irrespective of the financial condition of the world as a whole, casinos have always flourished. People love betting, some have even gone as far as making a successful thriving career out of it.  With the advent of the internet and everything digital, casinos went online too.

Online Casinos are now all the boom there is, with billions of users being able to connect on a global level and now play from the comfort of their homes. Best Online Casino games are interesting because some of them are exact fun replicas of the actual casino games if not more fun.  Here are 8 top online casino games

  1. Blackjack – It’s impossible to talk about casino without the mention of the infamous blackjack, this one is a casino favorite. The best part about this game is that at some point everyone has played blackjack so this one is an easy one for beginners.
  2. Baccarat – Baccarat has been made popular thought he years through several movies and books. This is one of the oldest games of the trades and a favorite for most casino goers.
  3. Slots – Who doesn’t love slots? It’s simple, it’s interesting and it is addictive enough to keep you hooked on it to endless provided you have the money for it. Slots is a machine game wherein when all the three slots show the same figure, you win!
  4. Roulette – This is another one of casino favorites. Every time you mentioned the casino, you picture some men sitting by the table paying roulette. This game gives you the actual feel of a good casino betting scenario. Even online roulette is just as good as any other.
  5. Bingo – Well who would have thought that a household favourite game would become such a casino favourite. Because of the rules involved in Bingo and the players, it makes up for an excellent online casino game.
  6. Craps – this one is a bit on the difficult side when it comes to playing. Yet it is among the most popular games in online casinos. It entails a fairly difficult gameplay but the stakes and perks are both high in this game.
  7. Scratch Cards – This one is as close to the lottery as online casino games can get. Who doesn’t like winning a good bonus amount or a good lottery? This one has us all wanting to indulge in some casino games, doesn’t it? The prize money that is up for grabs can be huge.
  8. Live casino games – even in online casinos three are options of live casino gaming which makes for much more fun and interactive online casino gaming experience and rightly so. A number of games can be played live online.