2019 has already seen streetwear trends that will be around for some time, but with Autumn around the corner, there’s still more to be seen. Urban streetwear trends can be as simple or elaborate as the wearer want, and if you’re looking for a new style this autumn here’s what to look out for over next few months.



The Autumn/Winter seasons are already showing hints to the continuing trend of oversized statement pieces. Hoodies with oversized shoulders in an extra-long length are still proving to be a staple garment. The style works well with both big slogans and designs or plain, the style itself works as the design, a partnered up with skinny jeans or workwear trousers, works perfectly for a casual look.



The Techwear trend will come out full scale for the winter, with major design labels offering performance combat trousers, activewear tops and technical gilets showing a new side of streetwear. Neon is proving to be popular from the luxury fashion houses, however darker colours and camo prints are likely to be worn more by the majority. Technical fabrics will play a major part in streetwear for the winter.


Worn-out Sneakers

Nike, Adidas and Puma are all providing a worn-out style of sneakers that might be a choice for everyone. however, this takes inspiration from not wanting brand new looking trainers when you were younger, but rather than scraping them along the floor to make them look worn, the top trainer brands are releasing more styles that look aged, some might even call it a vintage style trainer.


Edgy Continues to Go Further

While clashing colours and miss matching prints have taken the spotlight for a while now, edgy soon become normal when everyone starts following the trend. As streetwear can take many shapes and forms, currently the usual style come from wearing retro or performance trainers with boxy unfitted jeans. So, in a sense being unstylish, is the new style.


Performance Trainers

Trainers will always be one of the driving forces behind the mens streetwear clothing culture. Chunky trainers with large silhouettes with continue to be a driving force behind streetwear this autumn/winter, with performance brands like Asics and Salomon offering neutral and monotone colour pallets.


What’s Likely to Disappear this A/W Season?

When trends start to rise up into streetwear culture, it also means we can expect some to fade away, it usually takes a little longer but here are some trends you can expect to lose popularity over the next couple of seasons:


  • 90’s Sportswear – With technical tracksuits and modern design coming into style, it doesn’t leave much space for retro trends and tracksuits.
  • Complex Sneakers – The chunky dad style will likely stick around, but the over-designed trainers from luxury brands already seem to be quieting down.
  • Heavy Branding – While this is key to some brands style such as OFF-White, they and other brands are toning it down with the over branding on new collections.