One of the key things every business needs to keep an eye on is work safety. Of course the main reason you should keep it a priority is the fact that you want to keep your people safe. However, even all of you business owners who are obsessed with making a profit above everything else need to understand that these things are costly.

An accident can result in a serous lawsuit, can halt production times, and is just a nuisance for everybody from your HR manager right down to your legal team. Finally, it will also ruin your reputation. Below you can find some general pieces of advice that can help you make your workspace a bit safer.

Nurture a sense of awareness

Now, before any employee actually enters a construction site, he or she needs to know what the potential hazards here are. In fact, one of the greatest dangers at a work site are employees who don’t know what they are doing. In order to minimize the chance of an injury happening, keep them well aware of what can occur if they lose focus.

For example, you can set up a safety check list, letting them know what they can expect, and what they should keep an eye out for. Post signs, let your managers inform everybody this checklist.

Implement proper training

While we understand that you want experienced, veteran employees working for your company, there is a point where you just have to get them the right training. This is especially important if you have new gear, procedures, or just a new type of work that needs to be done.

Get them pamphlets, pay for seminars, you want training videos, and on-site training opportunities. Furthermore, you should probably implement a safety test, just to check if they know their basics or not. Poor training means a higher chance of people getting hurt, as well as a risk of people damaging your equipment.

Furthermore, your employees should know exactly what to do in the middle of an accident. Anything form administering some basic first-aid and calling an ambulance, down to knowing how to file a report and contacting HR.

The right gear

A big part of safety at a work site is getting the right equipment. Namely, if you want them to do their jobs properly, you should give them the right gear. Furthermore, the equipment they do have needs to be properly maintained and cleaned. Don’t pinch pennies. You don’t have to get top of the line machinery, but going with second-hand, cheap junk is just asking for trouble.

You should also get the right signs, markers, and general safety gear for your people. You can contact a professional company, like Industroquip Safety Solutions for example, and get the protective equipment you need.

Of course, other supplies matter as well. Water, food, first aid kits, these are all vital to employee safety. If they are working right in the sun, you need to get some shade and adequate protective equipment.


Now, we are not saying you need to hang over their heads and watch every single thing your employees are doing. What we are, however, saying is that for both their safety, and the success of your company, you need to keep an eye on your people. Every single construction site needs a supervisor who is able to enforce safety standards, and actually keep things under control. Safety is no joke, and a good foreman needs to keep a tight watch.

Of course, the supervisor himself needs to lead by example, always adhering to safety measures, never cutting corners. If he does not stick to his own principles, your employees will not take your implemented safety measures seriously.


A safe works environment is a sign of you respecting your employees, showing that you actually care about them. Furthermore, it’s vital to long-term success. In the long run, the fees, lawsuits, and just the hit to your reputation will cost you much more than setting things up to stay safe.