Everyone dreamt for a beautiful garden, and decorative stepping stones are creative ways to add more spices to its decency. Let’s take a tour to know various kinds of stepping stones and how to make those alluring.

Vow! You have invested a lot in preparation of garden or a backyard along with a lush green lawn. Oops! Moving bare feet on beautiful but muddy lawn grass ruining your mood by wetting legs with dirty mud. Yes, there is a creative & beautiful solution, and it is laid down decorative stepping stones in creative ways to beautify your garden or backyard with an extra facility.

Set stepping stones in lawns and gravel is a charming way to embellish your garden. If you take some more care, it might become a statement of signature in your locality and groups. Let’s see what care we must have.

Select Right Types of Stepping Stones

Yes, right selection only can create right contexts for overall look-n-feel of your garden or backyard. A variety of natural stones used in the market, but I would like to mention a few only.

Coarse Limestone as Stepping Stones:

When you find limestone with a lot of fossils embedded in it, you are lucky to get a natural beauty. I prefer coarse stone surface because it makes the stepping stone superb slip-resistance.

Flagstone as Stepping Stones:

Large and irregular shaped flagstones are a natural choice as stepping stones to grant abstract look to your garden. Flagstone also has coarse surface and sturdy buildup along with the natural look.

Slate Stone as Stepping Stones:

If your exterior decorator gives you the advice to select the non-uniform lot of stones befitting in the garden or backyard design, the slate stone is a perfect selection.

Bluestone as Stepping Stones:

A variety of bluestones available and used as stepping stones. For instance, World of Stones in the USA offers something akin to it in Castle Grey selection.

Quartzite as Stepping Stones:

It is an interesting choice because when it sparkles when Sun beams shred on it. It displays deep colors when rain showers on it. It is extremely durable and sturdy more than the iron. You can find something similar at World of Stones under the title of Sunset Buff.

We have seen the different types of natural stones mostly applicable as stepping stones in most regions of the world based on availability. Now, suppose you inclined to take a bit cheaper option against the costly natural stones then you have to look at concrete slab customized according to your needs and decorate it with different creative ideas.

Creating Decorative Stepping Stones for Your Garden and Backyard

It is true that we cannot modify the appearance of natural stones in artificial ways, but we can create custom blocks of RCC by molding in different shapes and adding decorative ingredients as well as paint them as per idea or concept of design.

Before going to create a lot of decorative stepping stones, we must realize some essential facts.

  • Consider 18” wideness and 14” length for a stepping concrete slab/stone.
  • Thickness should more than 1 to 1.5 inch, and for soft or muddy landscape it should be thicker than norms.
  • The spacing between stones must be two feet approximately. I say it because when we measure center-to-center distance between two gaits, it is 18: to 24” depends on the age of the person. Thus, the minimum is better.
  • When we wet the bottom of our feet and walk on the dry pavement, we get the gait easily.
  • Stepping stones should look somewhat up than the surface of mud or mulch.


Types of Concrete Used In Stepping Stone Make Up

There are premixed concrete, lightweight concrete, and reinforced concrete used in concrete-based stepping stone makeup.

Decorating Stepping Stones

We can add different colors to the concrete stones using either powder or liquid concrete paints specially made to provide a non-slip surface. Acrylic paint, oil paint, and puffy paint are a good choice for painting stepping stones to beautify them further.

If you want to create mosaic patterns on stepping stone, you can embed pieces of tiles, glass, and porcelain with an artistic eye.

The mix of cement and high-sand concrete provide a surface for embedding various materials to create mosaic patterns.

Protecting Stepping Stones

Natural stones withstand against the adversity of climate for hundreds of years. For artificial stones, we have to introduce exterior sealant to protect from natural wears & tears in exterior weather conditions.

When you finish painting the stones and drying process many chemical sealant materials available in the market. Choose high-quality pack and apply it according to instructions given by manufacturers.

Innovative Shapes of Stepping Stones

We can mold the concrete in various shapes to bring innovations in design. For instance,

Dry Leaf Shape Stepping Stones

Heart Shape Stepping Stones

Flower Shape Stepping Stones

Butterfly Shape Stepping Stones


How to Get Started?

Your imagination is the limit for creativity in the creation of decorative stepping stones for your garden. You can Do It Yourself (DIY) but spending time, money, and resources are not possible for everyone. Moreover, an inexperienced individual hardly can create professional looking masterpiece with limited tools, materials, and crafts.

In due course, I would like to recommend a visit to World of Stones if you live in the USA or contact the support team available online to give you free consulting services and possible arrangements to supply the required stones to you at highly competitive rates.