Shirdi is a small town, which is located about 300 km from Mumbai. Situated in the heart of the sugarcane belt of the state of Maharashtra, Shirdi is one of the most frequented places of pilgrimage in India. At the heart of Shirdi’s economy is the Sai Baba Samadhi Mandir, a shrine of the saint, Sai Baba. Hundreds and thousands of devotees of all faiths flock at the temple throughout the year, several of them opt to walk hundreds of miles over motorized transport to reach here in the winter months. The best time of the year to visit Shirdi is January through March. April to June is summer, followed by the monsoon. Pilgrim arrival peaks between September and November when many Hindu festivals occur.

Baba’s death anniversary is commemorated in the month of October, the exact date depending on the Hindu calendar. Some of the most important festivals in Shirdi are Dussera, Guru Poornima and Baba’s death anniversary. During this time lakhs of devotees come to Shirdi. There are a number of trains you can choose from if you are traveling from Delhi to Sainagar Shirdi. Some of the trains running on this route are Nzm Snsi Spl. If you’re traveling, you can board the train from the following stations – H Nizamuddin. There are different trains that travel and time taken by these trains varies from23 hrs 0 mins to 23 hours 0 mins. There are number of trains running daily and sporadically from H Nizamuddin( like Nzm Snsi Spl ).

If you are looking to travel from New Delhi to Shirdi, you should know that Kopargaon (KPG) and Manmad Jn (MMR) are 2 nearby train stations to Shirdi, connected to Delhi. There are 7 trains in total that run between New Delhi and Shirdi, out of which 1 is Mail/ Express train and 6 are Supefast trains. There are 20 connecting trains too between the source station and the destination station.

Trains to Manmad depart from 2 stations in Delhi: New Delhi (NDLS) and H Nizamuddin (NZM). The trains are Punjab Mail (12138), Swarna Jayanthi (12782), Nzm Kop Exp (12148), Nzm Pune Sup Sp
(0478), Mngla Lksdp Exp(12618), Jhelum Express (11078), Asr Ned Express (12716), Goa Express
(12780), Asr Dr Express (11058), Karnataka Exp (12628). Make use of train status tools to know where is your train before traveling.

Trains to Kopargaon depart from 2 stations in Delhi: New Delhi (NDLS) and H Nizamuddin (NZM). The trains are Nzm Kop Exp (12148), Swarna Jayanthi (12782), Nzm Pune Sup Sp (0478), Jhelum Express
(11078), Goa Express (12780), Karnataka Exp (12628).

The fastest train running from New Delhi to Shirdi is the Karnataka Express (PT). It will take about 19 hours and 43 minutes to reach the destination station from the source station if you take this train. The distance between both the stations is about 1372 kms. The slowest train from New Delhi to Shirdi is the Jhelum Express. It takes about 23 hours and 43 minutes to reach destination station from the source station.