The UK’s first dedicated conference for mental health bloggers and those who are passionate about mental health is taking place on Monday, 17th December, in London.

The conference has been set up to recognise the vital role that mental health bloggers and advocates have in combating mental health issues and to support them with the tools that they need.

There are plenty of mental health bloggers in the social space, all playing that vital awareness role in a hugely important and topical issue. These bloggers can engage followers in a rich and personal way, educating the public about the issues of mental health, battling stigma, sharing information and helping those suffering from mental illness to feel supported.

Despite this growing trend for mental health blogging, there haven’t yet been any significant events designed to help grow the community and give them a chance to network and learn more about their topic. Psychreg and GetPsyched have collaborated to change this – with the announcement of the first Mental Health Bloggers Conference which will be held at Rainham Library in the London Borough of Havering on 17th December from 10am–4pm.

This exciting new event is a huge undertaking and turnout is expected to be high. There is a fantastic line-up of speakers who are involved in the full range of mental health issues. Attendees will enjoy plenty of benefits such as industry networking, advocacy advice, knowledge toolkits and more.

Tickets to the conference can be booked via Eventbrite and cost £16.76 each.

Psychreg founder, and world’s first blog psychologist, Dennis Relojo said: ‘We are thrilled to announce the first dedicated conference for the UK’s growing wave of mental health bloggers and those passionate about mental health. These passionate communicators often share highly personal stories about battling mental health in a way that really resonates with their followers. By doing so, they play a vital role in supporting mental health advocacy and positive messaging, educating the public and helping those suffering from mental health issues to feel supported. Now, we are pleased to offer them a forum to learn more about their subject from leading speakers and to network with fellow mental health bloggers as they build their own contacts. It should also be a lot of fun on the day!’