Adrenal fatigue is a quite common health condition and it is likely happen at some point of your life. However, most people do not aware that they have this problem. As an example, you may start to have steady weight gain and whatever you do, that thick fat layer stubbornly sticks to your belly. You may also lack of energy and have constant fatigue. Brain fog, insomnia and lethargy are quite common among people who have adrenal fatigue. Other symptoms are morning sluggishness, difficulty in concentrating, nervousness, mild depression, constipation, unexplained hair loss, cold feet and hands, reduced sex drive and colds. The more symptoms that you have, the more likely it is that you are experiencing adrenal fatigue.

It is important for you to know what adrenal fatigue is and this could happen when stressors have significantly influenced your lives and you need to take control of your life. In our lives, stress is often a big issue and not many people know how to cope with stress each day. Stressors happen at workplace, road and home. There’s no way for us to escape their effects. Anxiety and a feeling of hopelessness could cause imbalance within our spirit, mind and body. You should know what happens to your body when it becomes stressed. Our adrenal glands are directly located above the kidneys and their main purpose is to regulate our stress level.

You may have a good driving habit, but someone may abruptly pull out in front of our car. You react quickly enough by slamming the brake and you are very grateful, that you can avoid an accident. Your heart is racing so hard that you think that it will pop out. When this situation happens, you should know that the level of cortisol in your body has spiked and it’s the time when you have the flight and fight response. However, if you can’t handle stressors in your lives, your life is filled with continuous flight and fight responses, which is not a good thing. Your cortisol level remains high at all time and you will start to develop adrenal fatigue.

If this happens for year, adrenal fatigue diminishes your health progressively, causing the accelerated aging. Many people use various stimulants, such as soda, coffee, alcohol, nicotine and even illegal drugs to keep on going. However, you should know that they only mask the problems. If you don’t address the problem, it will grow worse. Cortisol increases the level of blood sugar, so you have enough glucose that can be transformed into energy. This will result in prolonged blood sugar imbalance and it is possible for diabetes symptoms to emerge. Cortisol is also known as a potent anti-inflammatory agent. Unfortunately, increased cortisol level will also suppress your immune system, which makes you to more likely to get sick due to virus, bacteria and other factors.