If you want to make a film, it is a good idea to start with the Indie film making path. This is a good solution if you lack the networking, budget and professional actors. There are different methods to make indie films look interesting, even if you can’t afford fancy cameras and special effects. Many great indie films have minimal or no special effects. Some of these films are really interesting, because they blur the lines between reality and fiction. As an example, you may try a black and white docudrama film style. Styles like reality TV, sitcoms and found footages can be quite interesting if you have excellent storyline. Many producers and makers of indie films don’t have enough money, so it is a good idea for them to choose simplicity. A great storyline may even bring viewers to escape the reality.

A good film is about providing realism and viewers should be able to see truth and the storyline needs to be highly believable. Indie filmmakers should consider what moral position that needs to be placed in the film. There are different narratives that can be used to enhance and introduce the storyline to viewers. People should think that the dramatic stories are actually happening around them and this is something that would captivate them. An indie film could have different interpretations and it is a manifestation of what the film makers want to say to viewers. Regardless of the lack of sufficient budget, it is still possible for film makers to make a movie that talk directly to viewers. Eventually, viewers will see the film as something that’s incredibly eye opening for them.

When creating an indie film, it is important that you are skilled enough in the production process. If there are things that can be simplified, then you need to do it. As an example, the Blair Witch Project was an excellent indie film. It was so believable that many it is an actual found footage. It used a shaky cam technique which enhances the sense of realism when people watch it. There are different techniques that are used, such as long continuous shots, focus in and out and subjects that are alternately out and in of the frames. This makes people think that the footages are taken by amateurs who are recording during their supernatural expedition. Although the film has minimal special effect, people think that the actors and actress are moving into a fantasy realm inside the forest.

Another problem with indie film is that producers could only afford low budget marketing. This can be a huge deficiency, because people don’t know about the existence of your film, regardless of how good it is.  A good option is to put the film on Netflix or produce it straight to DVD. YouTube is a great option of you wants to market your indie film and you may make a background story, trailer and short version of the film. With these videos, you are able to generate interests among potential viewers. If the storyline is excellent enough, it could actually inspire many commercial movies made by big producers. With the proper marketing strategy, you should be able to avoid depleting your budget too soon. Eventually, your indie film can become really unique that it becomes very popular.