Many professionals in the film industry started from lower positions, many became supporting artists and even extras. Their individual role may not be something of significant importance, but this is important if you want to accumulate experience. Supporting actors and extras as a whole are important in the film making project. Without them, we will see empty streets, cafes and offices, which are very unrealistic. If you plan to become a supporting actor or extra, it is important that you are able to follow the directions properly. There could be hundreds of extras involved in the film production and it is important that you are able to show your overall participation. In fact, many supporting actors and extras feel that they are being bossed around, which is not a good thing for those with sensitive heart.

If the film production is big enough, you may not even have the chance to see the director or the main actors. An extra, you may be asked to play a role in specific settings, while those leading actors could work in a special studio with green screen as background. If you are able to show your talent as an extra, you can take an audition for higher role as supporting actors. You need to do this persistently. It may take years performing as extras before you are able to get your first supporting role position. This could be your first chance of seeing influential directors and leading actors. If you are able to reach this position, then you are in the right track. You should keep on doing your activities and habits because they will bring you progress.

It is quite unlikely that you are able to make a living from only your extra roles. So, you may need to have a second job to sustain your living expenses. You need to be persistent in your goal and once you are able to gain a supporting actor role, you may enjoy a sudden increase in revenue. If you want to get more results, it is important not to think your roles as extra as a fun hobby. You need to continue to increase grow your career. Making a career in the film industry often involves a lot of waiting game and patience. Regardless of your experience and acting skill, you may not always get a good role quickly enough. Even so, you should always be in motion and make definite progress starting from your current position, this is the only way of gaining something better than becoming an extra. You need to stand out of other extras and people should be convinced that it’s more than about a part time job. If you are hired as a supporting actor, it is possible to get up to $100,000 for a single big film-making project. Some people are able to get more than two supporting roles. However, you need to work hard to achieve this position.