As your business grows and you add more employees to your team, you may find that increasing your workplace benefits helps with both the hiring and retention of employees. But, knowing which workplace benefits to offer is something that a lot of businesses, of all sizes, struggle with. 

From leisure-based benefits to work based perks, there are a huge number of different types of benefits you can offer employees. Whether you want to change these benefits based on employee progression, length of service or as a target to work towards, let’s take a look at some of the most popular workplace benefits. 

Health And Wellbeing

There are many different health and wellbeing benefits you can offer to your employees as a benefit or perk. Your employees spend a large majority of their week at work and often, their health and wellbeing is a secondary priority. By offering health and wellbeing benefits, they can use these to take better care of their health, keeping them happy and healthy. 

Private Healthcare

Private healthcare has many advantages to being offered as a workplace benefit. There are many different levels of healthcare you can offer based on your budgets, so you can pick and choose the best option for your business. From basic dental and optician cover, to more inclusive plans that include things such as chiropractors and physiotherapy, or even just a mental health focused offering if your employee’s jobs are particularly taxing or stressful. 

Gym Memberships

Going to the gym has so many different benefits, from health and fitness to mental wellbeing. Offering gym memberships to your employees as a work benefit can give them to motivation to create a regular gym schedule, which promotes so many different advantages. Keeping fit helps to boost people’s mood, increase energy levels and focus and, if your team spend most of their time working from a desk, it helps keep them active, too. 

Life Insurance Policies

It’s not something that people like to think about, but offering different life insurance policies to employees based on their role and seniorirty can give them peace of mind. You could offer a general life insurance policy for all employees, or provide things such as key person insurance and executive income protection insurance for shareholders or directors. As well as this, providing life insurance policies can prove tax effective, as the outgoings can often be claimed as a business cost. For more information on the different types of policies you can use as a benefit, speak to a business life insurance broker. 

Learning and Personal Development

Supporting your team through their personal development is not only beneficial for their growth, but helps increase the skillset of your business. 

Online Learning Courses

Another popular benefit to offer employees could be online learning courses. Letting employees take a day or few hours out of their usual work schedule to learn new skills and become trained in additional areas can help them to expand on their personal development. 

Lifestyle & Leisure

With your employees spending a large majority of their time at work, it makes sense to provide perks and benefits they can use when they are not working. 

Attraction Passes

There are many different types of attractions passes that you can subsidise for employees which give them discounts and offers for many of the leading attractions across the UK. This is a great benefit to offer employees with families or who like to travel across the UK. From theme parks and boat trips, to gardens and castles, there is no shortage of fun things to do!

Company Car

If a lot of your employees spend a large amount of time driving around for work, or if driving is a necessity for their role, you may considering offering company cards as a perk so that they either don’t need to spend money on their own car, or using their mileage for getting from A to B.