Choosing The Right Font To Brand Your Business

When looking at a logo, people’s eyes are usually drawn straight to the text, making your choice of font extremely important. Your potential customer will unknowingly make assumptions about your business as a result of the font on your logo. Is this a fun, serious, quirky, professional or traditional business? Your font will help your customer answer that question! So, take a look at the fonts below to help you decide how to brand your business. 


Montserrat is a simple and classy font with a friendly appearance. The inspiration for this font came from a neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, drawing on urban typography. It’s clear and easy to read so would be perfect for a business offering a professional service that prides itself on being trustworthy and reliable. The combination of the gently curved letters and the clear structure creates a functional yet approachable look. 

Amatic SC

For those of you wanting to create a fun and informal logo, opt for Amatic SC. The hand-drawn capitalised font creates a sketchy appearance, making it perfect for people who want something quirky but also clear. This is great for logos as it’s designed for titling, so will grab your customers attention. 


This font is curly, creative and compelling, perfect for a modern and exciting brand. It’s expressive and engaging look draws people in, yet bare in mind that some people find it slightly too clunky. Also, Lobster is extremely popular, so you will have to get creative with the rest of your logo in order to make it unique and recognisable. 


This font offers the same element of fun and creativity that comes with Lobster, yet it isn’t used on the same scale. Pacifico is a font created using inspiration from the 1950’s American surf scene, so will help to create a relaxed impression for your business. 

Playfair Display

This font has hints towards traditional 19th century advertising, offering a traditional and elegant appearance. It holds a strong presence on the page which will attract your audience. If you want to create a dexterous and traditional brand for your company, then Playfair Display is for you. 

Indie Flower

With this font, your business will seem relaxed and carefree. The gentle script of Indie Flower makes it stand out from the rest and provides a more personal feel as it appears to be handwritten. It may be slightly more informal than other fonts which is perfect for certain businesses. 

Fredoka One

For something big and bold, choose Fredoka One. This is another more informal font but it sure does make an impact with its fun, eccentric style. Fredoka One is best used in stark contrast with the background. 


Having a logo font that represents your business is an important element of your company’s branding. Regardless of the nature of your business, you want your customers to recognise who you are and what you stand for. Once you have selected your font, contact a design agency Manchester-way, as you’ll find some of the best digital talent available to craft the rest of your logo.