Best Apps For Productivity

Being productive and maintaining motivation can be difficult at the best of times. With the added factor of many of us still working from home, perhaps it’s time for an intervention to help you get back on track. These productivity apps utilise different methods to help you achieve what you need to. So, be prepared to be more productive than ever!

To Do Ist

This app is known for its clarity and ability to easily prioritise tasks, ensuring you always make the most of your day. You can select favourites to highlight key projects, create sections to separate work from family life and you can easily tick off tasks that are completed. A really useful feature is the ability to share your workload with others, giving you the chance to divide and conquer, therefore achieving as a team. The app developer certainly thought things through from all perspectives when creating To Do Ist, making it perfect for a wide range of people. 

The best bit of all, this app is free!


For those of you who struggle to stay motivated or get distracted by your phone, Forest is a great option. The app encourages you to plant a seed on the app when you start work and set a timer. As soon as you get distracted and exit the app, your tree dies, but if you reach the timer, your tree is fully grown and you can go on to grow forests! This unique app contributes to a sense of success through its visual nature and will help you get into the swing of being productive. This app is currently £1.99, but worth a try for those who want to try a distinctive approach to being productive. 

Be Focused

Another option for those of you who struggle to maintain concentration is Be Focused, which makes use of the Pomodoro Technique. The app’s basic premise involves splitting your day into sessions of 25 minutes, followed by a five minute break. This idea of specific work intervals helps you make progress and stay on the top of your game, as people usually find it far easier to fully focus for a shorter period. The app is free, so perfect for students who need that extra push to make the most of the day! 

Things 3

For those who are willing to splash out to become more productive, Things 3 is the app for you. At £9.99, the app costs more than some are willing to spend, however there aren’t many apps out there that are as detailed or aesthetically pleasing as this one. Things 3 is now in its third version, hence the name, and is getting better each time. The design is timeless, the content is clearly structured and the calendar is out of this world. The simplicity of the app helps to contribute to productivity as you won’t be distracted by any unnecessary graphics or bright colours. Judging by the reaction on Twitter, this app is going down a storm!