5 Things To Know Before Driving While Impaired

Understanding the various dangers of driving in an intoxicated state is crucial, and most people are aware of it.  Despite this, many people continue to drive their cars even when they are drunk or have consumed drugs.

Annually, thousands of people lose their lives in crashes caused by alcohol or drug-impaired drivers. If you are tempted to drive after you have consumed alcohol or any drug, there are five things to know about driving while impaired:

1.  You Could Be Jailed

Going to jail is a prospect that no one wants to think about. However, if law enforcement officers catch you drinking and driving, you might be jailed for the offense.  In case you cause harm while in an impaired state, which means cause property damage or hit another person with your car, the jail time could be much longer than a couple of nights. In case you cause a fatality, you might end up in prison for several years.

2.  You Might Have To Pay Higher Insurance Premiums

If you are charged for drinking and driving, you might get a DUI conviction that has a direct impact on your insurance premium. It’s because these premiums are, to some extent, based on what your risk as a driver is.

Drivers that are at higher risk of being involved in accidents are required to pay much higher insurance premiums. In case you are convicted of impaired driving, you might be categorized as an individual who is a high risk, by your insurance provider. It means you will end up paying significantly higher premiums over time.

3. You Could End Of Losing Your Professional License or Job

In most professions, impaired driving convictions are a serious crime that can result in your professional license being revoked for your employment being terminated. If you hold a very responsible or prestigious position in a company, this is an even greater possibility.

Those employed in the State or Municipal governments are at higher risk of losing their jobs if they are convicted for driving when impaired. Professionals such as police officers, teachers, lawyers, doctors as well as public figures and other people also risk losing their licenses or jobs if they are caught driving under the influence.

4. You Might Have To Pay Significantly High Fees and Fines

Aside from various other aspects, it is also essential to keep in view that when you get a DUI, it is not cheap. You will have to pay the fine as well as the court fees and civil penalties in case you cause damage to property or injure to some person. Also, you would have to pay the fees for getting your license reinstated.

5. Higher Risk of Being in Accidents

The most crucial reason why you should not drive while impaired is that it significantly increases the risks of you being in an accident. It means you could end up causing injuries to yourself as well as to other motorists or pedestrians.

When you drink or consume drugs and drive, it indicates to your loved ones that you believe that driving when impaired is acceptable.  If you care for your family and friends, it is necessary to ensure that you do not drink and drive.

While we do hope that you never get involved in any drunk or drug-induced driving crash, if you find yourself in this kind of situation, you must contact a skilled and experienced criminal lawyer without delay.  They would be able to discuss the details of your case and determine exactly where you stand.