What Should I Ask A Foundation Repair Contractor?

Foundation repair work is certainly not a DIY process due to its complexity and the gravity of the far-reaching repercussions if it is not done right. There are numerous factors, which may come into play to compromise the structural integrity of a foundation. So, picking the ideal foundation repair contractor is always very important to be able to avoid future headaches and wasting your hard-earned money. Here are several important questions you should ask a prospective contractor prior to enlisting their services.

What Foundation Repair Techniques are you Skilled in?

Generally speaking, there is a number of different methods for repairing a structurally unsound foundation. You will need to determine whether the contractor you choose will use pressed concrete piers, steel piers, and so on, according to the nature of the underlying issue or its severity. The type of soil beneath your home as well will determine the sort of pier that will be suitable for the repair. Always remember to ask for a soil analysis to ascertain the best kind of stabilization for your unique soil and foundation.

Also, go out of your way to figure out if the contractor possesses sufficient hands-on experience in the installation of the piers he settles for. At the same time, the difference between the installation of interior or exterior piers might prove to be the difference between a huge mess or none at all. The installation of interior piers necessitates cracking the concrete slab so the pilings can be installed below it.

Therefore, if you have tiled flooring or carpets covering the floor, they will need to be removed before the job can be done.

Is your Company Licensed and Insured?

It is your obligation to request for details on whether the contractor you pick is licensed. To be on the safe side, check with your state’s registration board if he has the relevant licensing. Additionally, a reputable contractor will have both worker’s compensation and general liability insurance. Worker’s compensation insurance covers you should any harm occurs to the laborers during the repair process. On the other hand, general liability insurance ensures should your property sustains damage as a result of the work, you will always be protected.

Do you Offer Warranties or Guarantees on your Workmanship?

As a result of the gravity of foundation repair, warranties for the work done are extremely essential. A contractor who stands behind his work is both trustworthy and fully confident of the skill and quality of his workmanship which always augers well. However, always bear in mind that a guarantee can only be good as the company which backs it. If it is possible, only go for a contractor who provides a warranty trust. This guarantees if his firm will be driven out of business, there will be a plan to offer follow-up services whenever necessary. The products he uses should also have warranties that at least ought to be a limited lifetime warranty which is transferable.

Do you do Cleanup when the Job is Done?

Some contractors will leave a big mess around your home after the work is accomplished. A more reputable professional will demand a small fee to return your property’s exterior to its usual condition. This includes removing any unused soil and generally making your landscaping as clean as it previously was. Other contractors might even take it upon themselves to re-plant any shrubs or greenery that was removed prior to the work.