Tips For Controlling Bed Bugs Infestation

Bed bugs are a common thing, especially if you live in a crowded house. Moreover, someone can easily carry them from another place to your home since they can easily disguise in dark and heavy clothes without anyone noticing. The worst part of it, bedbugs attack when the light is off, and if you are a heavy sleeper, you may not even notice them. You’ll find yourself waking up to bites, bloodstains, and dead bed bugs that are rendered immobile because of satisfaction (feeding in your blood).

So, after witnessing prevalent bed bug signs around your home, like blood stains and small rust spots on your bed, how do you control them? Remember, if not managed effectively, bed bugs can hide, breed, and then attack back like never before. Here are a few tips that should help you control bed bugs around your home and house effectively:

  • Make sure that you are Fighting Bed Bugs

Before even deciding on the kind of control mechanism that you want to apply, it would be best if you correctly established the kind of pest that you are dealing with. You can easily confuse bed bugs with ticks or fleas, and that may send you employing the wrong methods. In the long run, you will have only facilitated ample breeding grounds for the bed bugs, and it may prove not very easy to eliminate them later.

  • Evaluate the Available Control Methods

So, before reaching out for a spray can, why don’t you try Integrated Pest Management techniques and help stop them from hutching their larvae. Also, it will be perfect for reducing the distance between them and you to craft a better method. You can also use heat to control bed bugs, but you’ll have to be keen about it.

  • Clean the Entire Clutter in the House

Cleaning the dirty and dark spots in the whole house or bedroom will be a perfect way of reducing the number of bed bug bites. In the process, you will also know their breeding grounds where you can later attack mercilessly with heat. Bed bugs will die instantly in the presence of unbearable heat.

  • Wash the Beddings Regularly

Since it can also involve managing an imminent infestation, it would also help if you washed the linens periodically and dry them in direct sunlight. Direct heat energy should be able to dust any bed bug that might have survived the washing.

  • Turn Out to Professionals

Finally, the last call may see you turning up to professionals for help. In many cases, especially if the bed bugs are a rare species or breed, they will build up resistance towards conventional pesticides, and they may, therefore, call for a professional approach. For instance, professional control may request that you even vacate your premises for a few days and give them time to get rid of everything. That way, professionals can also hunt for the larvae and dark hiding spots that you couldn’t reach. In addition to that, there isn’t any pest that can build up resistance against pesticides sprayed continuously for about three days.

Professionals may also decide to integrate different control methods, such as pesticides that suffocate and the ones that kill instantly!