A stunning coastline hugged by a sky-blue sea and littered with more islands than you can count, Croatia is an idyllic country every sailor has at the tip of their dreams. If you’ve decided to turn imagination into reality and take up the challenge of exploring Central Dalmatia’s watery treasures, you must certainly be wondering where exactly to go for the most beautiful sailing experiences. We’ll help you out with that as we reveal Croatia’s top three cities, perfect to have on such an itinerary.

1) Split


Herald by many experienced sailors as the bridge between the mainland and a trio of high-profile names like Brac, Hvar, and Korčula, this beguiling coastal town is an excellent launching pad for the lion’s share of sailing holidays in Croatia. The Old Town itself is appealing for history buffs who’ll appreciate centuries-old cathedrals, the 1600-year-old Diocletian’s Palace, and the lovely seafood restaurants neighboring the sea. Split feels strongly reminiscent of a 1950s French Riviera, and it is scattered with sun-kissed beaches, most notably Bačvice, while the waters off its shores experience a gentle summer breeze punctuated by accommodative downpours during the opposite season. It’s suitable for those just finding their sailing feet or anyone who fancies a quiet expedition on turquoise waters below the gaze of an enchanting star-lit sky.

2) Biševo


Often described unfairly as a large rock amidst Adriatic waters, Biševo is an underrated isle that holds to its chest some of the region’s best keep secrets. Its most treasured possession is a series of caves best for snorkeling and diving, with one, in particular, standing out for a strange and eerie natural phenomenon.

The Blue Cave of Biševo emits a blue radiance that originates from the depths below, and it will have you thinking you’re in the middle of an alien flick. Not to worry, though, the weird light is due to the limestone at the bottom of the sea, which reflects sunlight while altering its appearance. The island of caves, as it has been labeled over the years due to its appeal in this regard, is nice for a reflective sailing vacation away from the disturbances of humanity or modernity.

3) Mljet


Greek mythology has it that Mljet is the folklore island of Ogygia, where the nymph Calypso held Odysseus captive for seven years with her bewitching singing and magic. A glance at Mljet’s presentations reveals that there might be more to that story, offering some insight into why the Greek god wasn’t in a hurry to leave. Beautiful olive trees ring all around, gathering contemplatively alongside quaint villages and soothing waters as if holding close some ancient secret they swore never to reveal. Mljet is strikingly green and is a dream come true for anyone with love for nature. Speaking of love, if you have a penchant for fresh seafood or delicious red or white wines, be sure to take a detour at heavenly Mljet. It’s also home to a famous national park!

Who needs Greece or the Carribean when you have Croatia, a nation with just as much sailing pleasure for a percentage of the expense? Upwards of one thousand islands reside within the Adriatic country’s waters, and so too do many UNESCO accolades, historic servings, famous tales, notoriously good wine, and unbelievable seafood. Wherever you choose to go sailing in Croatia, you certainly can’t go wrong. The Dalmatian coast is beautiful and charming from east to west!