Iron is a traditional material used for a range of applications. Wrought iron means “worked iron” consisting of iron and slag. It is fibrous, ductile and soft due to smelting. It has less carbon content compared to cast iron. It is highly malleable and tensile, making it ideal for construction. Security gates should be made of reliable materials to serve their purpose, and wrought iron is an excellent choice.



Wrought iron is a long-lasting material, making it a top construction material. Its major advantage is its durability. Wrought iron gates require repainting after about 10 to 15 years. Even if it begins to rust, it will retain its integrity, making it worth the maintenance compared to wood.



Compared to other materials, wrought iron is superior in strength, making it difficult to break. It is thicker than aluminium; it does not crack like vinyl or break like wood. You cannot easily open an iron gate by just kicking it. It is certainly reliable to keep trespassers and intruders away.



Nothing beats the classic look of traditional materials such as wrought iron. If you want a strong gate that will match the look of your property, wrought iron is a perfect choice. Over time, it will not easily be worn out and even if it starts to rust, it retains its character. It is also ideal if you want your landscape or home design to be seen from the outside. This material is also highly versatile in terms of aesthetics because it is customisable. Choose from patterned rails, speared tops or intricate curves.

Low maintenance

Wrought iron does not need annual maintenance or any upkeep. It is built to be strong and tough, that is why it lasts long. Even if you spend a bit more for installation, you can rest easy knowing that your investment will last many years because it is resistant to corrosion, without spending so much on maintenance. This means not just less effort required from you but also savings on maintenance costs.



Your security gate should protect you and your property. When matched with a fence with posts in every panel, it would be very challenging for intruders to climb over it and penetrate your home. Classic styles of iron fencing with pointed tips on top also make it difficult to climb over.


Landscape friendly

Lovers of landscaping prefer wrought iron fencing because it can provide support for plants. Some allow their plants to grow and climb on their fence because it is strong, and the plants can somehow shield the property from outside.

A well-built security gate can be your first line of defence against potential intruders. While there are plenty of options for materials used in security fencing, you need not be confused about deciding which one to choose. Wrought iron fencing is an outstanding material that offers good value for money. It provides security; it is long lasting and appealing. Check out the examples from if you want a gate of your own design and specification.