Florida is home to beaches, hot sun, and exciting theme parks, scattered throughout its territory. Some of them allow you to get into the world of fairy characters, while others will plunge you into the world of cinema and adventure.

Do you want to please the children and return to childhood? Then go to these 5 amusement parks, which are the most recommended Florida’s entertainment venues according to TripAdvisor travelers. And don’t forget to find Enterprise Orlando airport address  to reserve a rental car to reach your favorite place quickly and easily.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Hogwarts Castle Night1

The park was opened in Orlando in 2010. Here, everything is recreated exactly as in the Potterian. The Hogwarts School accurately repeats the castle invented by J.K. Rowling – you’ll find there the class of protection from the dark arts, and the room of Gryffindor.

Take a walk through the narrow streets of London and turn onto the Diagon Alley. In Mr. Ollivander’s shop, you will be chosen by a magic wand, and in the Dervish and Banges store you can buy a complete set of equipment for Quidditch.

The steepest slides in the park are “Dragon Challenge” and “Flight on the Hippogriff”, which will cause an explosion of emotions and adrenaline.

Between the rides you can have a snack in the “Hog’s Head” bar – try a creamy beer and strawberry pie. Of course, don’t forget to send a letter with owl postal service – the coat of arms of Hogsmeade is already on the envelope!


Islands of Adventure

Universal's Island of Adventure

Fasten your seat belts and hold on! Islands of Adventure are a world of superheroes, wild animals and fantastic creatures. In total, there are 8 theme islands in the park, and it won’t be boring for sure.

On Marvel Island you will be greeted by superheroes from your favorite comics. At the “Incredible Hulk” roller coaster, you will experience all the rage and violence of Bruce Banner. Also, 3D-simulator allows you to fly through the city like a Spider-Man. Finally, in the “Jurassic Park” – the coolest water attraction is waiting for you. So grab your spare clothes — water will cover you from head to toe.

For kids and those who don’t like stressful slides, there is Dr. Seuss Character Zone, where everything is exactly as in the books and cartoons of a famous author: colorful characters from Cat in the Hat and much more.


Discovery Cove

Swimming Dolphins

Discovery Cove Waterpark is not just water slides and noisy entertainments around. This is an oasis of calm and unity with nature, where you will feel like Robinson Crusoe on a tropical island.

In Discovery Cove you can swim with dolphins, in the company of stingrays or lie on the sandy beach. Aviary impresses with a variety of birds: peacocks, parrots and more than 250 tropical species of birds are introduced there.

The park’s hallmark is a huge reservoir with colorful fish and coral reefs. At the entrance you will be given a mask, wetsuit and camera for underwater filming in order to keep all the adventures in memory.

Discovery Cove is suitable for both adults and very young children who want to feel like little divers. After all, there are no complicated tricks, currents, jellyfish and sea urchins. Just add incredibly tasty park lunches to a pleasant and safe diving and you’ll get an amazing family weekend!


Magic Kingdom

Disney Magic Kingdom

Having seen the pink castle of Cinderella, you will understand: there’s the Walt Disney’s kingdom. Here, the history of the United States is intertwined with the stories of Disney cartoons.

In total, there are 7 thematic zones in the park: from an enchanted forest to adventure and a fairytale country. Don’t miss the most spectacular attractions: the castle of horrors in “Fantasyland”, the mountain road in the “Frontierland” and space slides from the “Tomorrowland”.

However, the atmosphere is not created by the rides, but by the Disney characters: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Aladdin, the Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, Jack Sparrow and Mickey Mouse are the most famous heroes.

The well-known Mickey’s black ears can be seen everywhere: on the headbands on the souvenir counters, and on the cookies. Every day a parade of Disney characters and on Halloween a special show with horror stories are held.

By the way, the park is included in the structure of the giant Disney World, but it was so loved by travelers that it won a separate place in the TripAdvisor rating.


Disney World

Sunshine Sky Saturday (Explored)

Anyone who has ever seen a Disney cartoon has dreamed of being in a Disney World park. However, it will take at least 4 days to get around all 4 parks in Disney World.

It’s is divided into thematic areas: scientific discoveries at Epcot, blockbusters at Hollywood Studios, mini-safaris in Animal Kingdom and fairy tales in Magic Kingdom.

In the park Epcot you can see the spacecraft, the underwater world, inventions from the future and the characters from the “Cold Heart” cartoon. In Animal Kingdom Park, Pandora, a distant planet from the Avatar movie, will amaze your imagination. This 3D attraction creates the illusion of flying on the back of a winged predator.

In Hollywood Studios you will find yourself on the film set of your favorite movies – “Toy Story”, “Star Wars”, “Indiana Jones“, “Cars” and many others.