It goes without saying that a lot has changed as far as education is concerned. One of the main reasons for the great change in education is attributed to technological advancements that have been achieved over the years.

The experts have also been engrossed in looking for the best ways to impart knowledge as well as finding the right kind of knowledge to impart to children. Here are seven ways which education has changed/evolved over the years:


Online Education

Long gone are the days when you had to pay for tuition and attend physical classes. Nowadays, all you need to do is kick back and enjoy classes from the comfort of your study or even bedroom.

This was made possible thanks to some learning institutions embracing the internet with the idea being to reach as many students as they can, including those are either far off or can’t afford the full school fees.


The Use of Electronics in Education

Back in the day, the teacher only had a textbook and a chalkboard at his disposal. But now you walk into a classroom and you can’t help but notice the electronic gadgets that have been added into the learning environment. Some of these gadgets include laptops, projectors, iPad just to mention a few.

And thanks to having such useful gadgets, some teachers don’t even see the need to dictate notes since the students can just get the soft copies sent to their respective emails and get sorted out. 


The Rise of Tutors

The infamous teachers or tutors debate has been raging for quite some time now. While some parents are rooting for their children to be taught by tutors, others still stick to the old school way of teaching their kids. But the fact is, while some students have no problem grasping what they are taught in school, others will need special attention.

And that’s exactly where the tutors come in. as a matter of fact, many of these tutors are teachers who are just looking to make some extra income on the side while doing what they love most – helping the kids get their grades up which isn’t such a bad thing when all is said and done.


Mobile Learning Is Possible Now

Nowadays, it’s possible for kids to walk around during class without having to worry about attracting the wrath of their teacher. This is because of the introduction of mobile learning which allows them to move around has proven without a reasonable doubt to enhance learning in children and grown students alike.

Unlike back in the day when you’d see students confined in a desk and listening to a teacher, mobile learning has now given the students a chance to take up more responsibilities as far as the learning process is concerned. This has also made them be quite responsible compared to how students were in the past as all they expected was a teacher to spoon-feed them at all times.


Teacher-Student Connection Has Intensified

Thanks to the increase in technological advancements, students and teachers have become much more connected than ever. And it’s because of this that students are able to access information around the clock thanks to avenues such as email, WhatsApp and slack as long as their teacher is online.


Digital Games Are Being Used in Schools

Long gone are the days when you’d get in trouble for playing a video game in school. Nowadays, there are digital games that are specifically made to ensure that students are having an easy time understanding certain concepts of learning without breaking a sweat. Some of these games include Think Kahoot and so on.



Apart from students attending classes from different parts often world, they can also do the same by Skyping each other which is quite incredible. This allows them to share ideas on a particular subject which will, in turn, make them better students over time.



A lot has clearly changed as far as teaching is concerned. Thankfully, all of the changes have gone the extra mile to ensure that learning is easy and convenient for the students. For instance, the use of the internet, as well as tutors, has gone a long way in making sure that students are having an easy time learning.

But that said, these advancements also come with a negative side that also needs to be addressed. For instance, the use of technology has made learning so easy to the extent of students not really appreciate the virtue of hard work.

And that’s exactly why, if you happen to either be a teacher or a student, try to incorporate both the old school as well as the new school type of learning. That way, you’ll be able to strike the perfect balance between them. And when the perfect balance has been achieved, you’ll always have an easy time enjoying either teaching or learning.