There are a number of factors that may affect the employability of a candidate; from an improperly made resume to a general lack of skills or being unaware of the opportunities available. To help combat such issues and to bridge the gap between employers and the youth of the country, especially the youth that resides in the rural areas of the country, Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited, or IFFCO, has launched IFFCOYuva, a unique and innovative job portal in India that promises to alleviate the issues regarding unemployment.

More about IFFCOYuva

IFFCOYuva is a free-for-all job portal in India that offers employers the chance to advertise the job vacancies in companies and candidates to access those postings with relative ease. The portal is available in Hindi, English, and Gujarati at present, with many more native languages to follow in the near future. There are several features that IFFCOYuva offers to it users that makes the portal stand out from other similar platforms. IFFCOYuva, apart from offering access to a plethora of job opportunities, also offers users the chance to hone their skills with its special training and certification modules. The best feature, however, has to be the System Generated Resume feature of IFFCOYuva which can be quite a boon for job applicants, especially if they are freshers.

The importance of the right resume

A resume is like your introduction and is the first thing about you that an HR or recruiter will see. You are not going to be the one who walks into an office and say “Hi, I’m really good at what you’re looking for; hire me!” You will be sending in a resume, and you will be hoping that it stands out or is at least proper enough to be considered.

The importance of resumes for freshers

Once when you have enough experience in your field to fill in senior-level job applications, you would just have to see to it that your resume is in the proper format. Post that, your experience would speak for you. Also, by then, you should have had enough experiences to be able to decide what works and what does not work in a resume. But when you are a fresher, you obviously do not have a lot of experience and hence, a good resume can make all the difference between you getting or not getting a job. IFFCOYuva offers its System Generated Resume feature, keeping this very same fact in mind.

So what’s IFFCOYuva’s System Generated Resume?

As a fresher, it is very much possible that one isn’t versed in the intricacies of filling in a job application. That is where IFFCOYuva’s System Generated Resume feature really helps. All you need to do is enter your details, and IFFCOYuva will provide a system generated a resume that will be visible to employers, without you having to go through a lot of hassles while filling job applications. The fact of the matter is, your resume is the most important weapon in your arsenal, and hence, getting it right is of utmost importance.

IFFCOYuva aims to mitigate the prevalent issues that India is facing in terms of unemployment and make job search in India as easy as possible for all kinds of applicants. Acting as a connecting platform that brings together employers and their prospective employees, IFFCOYuva has set out on a path that’s necessary to travel. Add to it the numerous extra features that IFFCOYuva provides above and beyond the traditional job posting sites, there remains no doubt that IFFCOYuva is a leading portal, especially for freshers, offering them the best jobs online to choose from.