Today, photography is also a strategic communication tool. Easy to use and very diverse, this method, taken to individuals, you will differentiate yourself from your competitors. Long reserved for private use, like social networks, photography is professionalizing to show your company, those who work there, as well as products and services so that customers can identify with people, with the company.

Every business has to have a marked plan for its success. One of the elements that should be addressed in this plan are the sales strategies to be used to attract customers and the subsequent sale of our services or products. Here, we show you 5 strategies that will help increase your sales and strengthen your brand values:

  1. Create a Relationship

People often respond positively when they are given attention, care, and consideration. Worrying about building a good relationship with your client should be the basis of your business and one of the best sales strategies you can use in your business.

To build a good relationship we will take into account the following factors:

  • Answer as soon as possible. There is nothing worse than requesting information from a professional by email and this afternoon a lot to respond or even not respond. Do not let this happen to you and try to respond to your customers as soon as possible. You will show that you care about your work.
  • Creates confidence. For this, what works best is the meeting in person. Knowing face to face your client has many advantages. You can explain the way you work and offer the possibility of personalization for each particular client. The client will feel that he can trust you because you were concerned to understand his needs.
  1. Sell Value, Not Price

Providing value to your customers as London Headshot Photographer is your purpose. Your goal is for your potential audience to see you as the solution to their needs. Many times we are not clear about the price that we put on our services or products. Lowering prices and entering a low price war is a dead end. Therefore, if you do not have all the clients that you would like, do not lower the prices, increase the value of your photograph.

There are many ways to increase the value, it depends on you to choose the sales strategies that best suit the profile of your audience and the specialty to which you dedicate yourself. Dedicate more importance to the value of your photography than the price of it will make your potential customers worry less about what they will pay and more for the experience and the result they will take home.

  1. Make them remember you

Treating our clients well is something that we will all agree on. Of course, to work with someone who is angry or bad humored or simply dissatisfied with what he does, we all noticed. And our client will not be less. No need to think about any sales strategy, sometimes it is to apply a bit of common sense. If we are not at our best, we should try not to affect the experience as a user of our client. In fact, we should try to make this experience something that they remember positively.

Therefore, we could make a classification according to our degree of involvement and the degree of customer satisfaction:

  • Working for obligation being dissatisfied with what you do will create dissatisfied customers with a negative vision of your brand. We must avoid this at all costs
  • To work doing the right thing or justly necessary will avoid having a dissatisfied client but neither will you have a client that wants to work with you again. We should also avoid this kind of attitude on our part.
  • Working on what you like, with good predisposition and doing things well will create happy customers. It is good to know that the client leaves satisfied after having worked with us. This would be the quality step from which we should never go down.
  • Work with passion, with desire, transmitting energy through all your pores and delivering memorable user experience. Can you imagine what kind of client will generate this kind of attitude? A loyal customer, a customer enormously satisfied with our service, a customer who will not only return if he has the opportunity but will recommend our service to all his acquaintances. This is the kind of experience that will make your business grow.
  1. Listen and Understand your Client

Sometimes relationships with clients are not easy and talking to them when presenting a solution can be a bit contradictory. On many occasions, we must be very attentive to what the client wants to avoid trying to spoil the service by comparing our point of view with theirs.

We give you an example. Imagine that the client hires you for a wedding and then they want a very basic album. With a photo on each page of the album. You, like a good photographer, show him other albums that you made of weddings and other more attractive designs with several photos in different compositions within each page. But the client insists, he only wants one photo per page. What would be your reaction?

  1. Always Give a Little More

When it comes to building your business and defining what you are going to offer your customers, keep in mind the concept of bonuses. We all like gifts and if they come after a good service you will have obtained a loyal customer. Therefore, always try to give a little more than the client expects.

That small effort can give you a great advantage over your competitors. There are several ways to do it and according to your specialty you can focus more on one than on another:

  • Deliver the final product a few days before the agreement.
  • Deliver some extra photo or small album.
  • Write a thank you letter for hiring your services, and if it is written by hand even better.
  • Currently, most photographers deliver the final photos in digital format. If instead of email or CD we deliver the work in a personalized Pen Drive you will surprise your client.

We hope that these sales strategies have been useful for you to apply them in your day-to-day. At the end of the day, everything comes down to being ourselves, doing the best we can and making the client satisfied with the whole process after acquiring our products or services.