There is a wide range of online services that let people organize a trip on their own. Does it take many efforts? Tell me, does it usually take much time to use a popular mobile app and find the nearby Enterprise car rental office to get the best price? Not really. It takes a couple of minutes. Everything goes smoothly if you use online help in the right way, finding out the best prices and saving your time. There are many useful safe online platforms that help you to book tickets, hotels, restaurants in one click.

Nevertheless, it often happens that you don’t want to spend time for preparations and ready to contact to a travel agent. Of course, be ready to spend more money. So, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of these two variants?

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Want the most attractive proposals with no efforts?

Call for your travel agent!

Travel agents can help you to plan your trip. They can find you the best prices. If something goes wrong and your flight was canceled you should call to your travel agent to manage the situation. No worry, no responsibility. Factually, your travel agent do all your work on planning, booking, confirming. You’ll get the best offers with no efforts. It is really a time saving service.

No time for details?

Travel agent can help you!

If you want your trip free from stress, you should call your travel agent. Just give them your special requirements about prices, services, food, entertaining program and sleep well. This is a great chance to get what you want without any problem. It can save your time! It was scientifically approved that first-time travelers spend in general about 30 hours by learning information and preparing their trip. Have you ever compared prices, learned hotel pictures, read excursion programs? Travel agent can do it for you!

Travel agent must be FLEXIBLE!

Dealing with a travel agent doesn’t mean that everything goes right. Experienced travelers know what they want for sure and can find the best prices without any help. They are familiar with different websites and it is not a big problem for them to change the date or price. Not all travel agents can be as much flexible in their findings as you need.

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It happens that your travel agent doesn’t deal with your favorite airlines!

This is one more reason why you’d better to book tickets on your own. It can happen that travel agents can’t find a ticket for your date from your favorite airline. What does it mean? It means that if you have a special status or bonuses you cannot use them. Everything is possible only if your travel agent is certified by IATA or CLIA. This is the way they have access to book tickets from any company.

Be careful! Travel agents can be often unfamiliar with places they have booked for you.

There is one more thing to consider. The most of the travel agents make money on you. It is profitable for them to sell you that one hotel or that service. Do you think they have ever visited a museum they recommend you? Have they ever used that cruise boat, the most expensive one? The most of the clients think that if a travel agent recommends A hotel instead of B hotel that means they know for sure which one is the best. Factually, your travel agency can have special bonuses for selling rooms from the A hotel. It is profitable for your agent but not for you. Think about it.



If you want to cancel your flight or hotel you don’t need a travel agent.

Don’t think that if you need to cancel your flight for any reasons your travel agent can do that easily and even better than you. There were times that it was impossible to cancel and get your money back when booking online. Everything has changed:

  1. You can easily cancel your flight.
  2. You can get your money back.

Just remember about it. Finally, if you decided to use online service instead of dealing with a travel agent, try to learn rules and regulations of the company you are going to book tickets tp. As a rule, all documents are available online.

Money Key


You should stop and think now. This information is enough to decide where to go and what to do. Look, travel agencies take about $ 30 above the price for an internal flight and up to $80 above for booking hotel. They can take about $100 for planning your trip in the best way. Of course, it works and you can really get that hotel and that flight that you have paid for. Is that what you really need? So, why don’t you try to try your hand at planning your own trip with a help of reliable online services?