Glass shower doors are trendy additions to your glass shower enclosures. Having glass materials in the bathroom makes them trendy and easy to clean. Traditional materials of construction have recently received a lot of competition from the glass materials in modern houses. Homeowners prefer having glass shower doors for several primary reasons.

 Reasons why homeowners prefer glass shower doors to traditional doors

Custom Glass shower doors have improved in their popularity in the 21st century as compared to the 20th century. Homeowners and realtors have invested heavily in the installation of glass shower doors so that they can transform the living spaces to trendy areas. The following are the main reasons why the glass shower doors are mostly preferred in modern homes today.

 They are easy to install.

The installation of bathroom doors in the traditional construction methods required a concrete wall where the doors could be fixed.  However, the glass shower doors do not need a concrete wall for them to be set. Ideally, the installation involves the technicians having the right tools. Installation mostly involves the technicians screwing the shower glass doors on the shower glass panels which form the shower enclosure. However, when there is no shower enclosure, the glass doors can be fixed on the concrete walls.

 They are easy to clean

Cleaning glass is not as difficult as it used to be when cleaning the traditional bathroom doors made from steel and wood. Cleaning glass is done using soft cloths and effective detergents. They are designed to remove stains and any foam that is left on the glass surface when the shower is used. The cleaning should be done frequently, but strong detergents should not be sued as they may result to wear and tear of the glass doors.

 What to consider when buying new glass doors

Buying glass doors can be challenging when it is your first time. It is essential to ensure that all the fundamental information about the actual shower glass doors is provided to the interior designers of the door suppliers.

The available space in the bathroom

Bathrooms in different houses are of different sizes. The design of the door is dependent on the available space. Hinged doors are mostly installed in bathrooms that have enough space to allow for the opening and losing. When opening the shower glass doors, the users should be able to transition comfortably from the main bathroom space into the sower. It is difficult to open a hinged door in a space that is limited which results in congestion. To avoid such situations, it is essential for homeowners to take measurements of the available space so that they can decide on the actual type of glass shower door to incorporate into the shower space.

The designs of the door

The doors may come in cylindrical or rectangular shapes. The complexity of the door shapes and design is dependent on the shape of the shower enclosure. Just before deciding to buy that glass shower door for your shower space at home, you should look out for the required type. Mostly homeowners who are not tied up by budgets go for the more trendy designs that make their bathrooms look trendy and comfortable. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to identify reliable interior designers and glass cutters who can provide them with the glass shower doors that meet their requirements. This means that they are cut to fit precisely in the provided spaces without any opportunity for leakages or malfunction.

Common glass shower doors that make your bathroom mode contemporary

Sliding glass shower doors

Sliding shower glass doors are mostly used when there is not enough space within a bathroom. The sliding doors are required to be fixed on glass panels or Shower walls within the bathroom. Technicians should identify the appropriate side that the glass shower doors should side to avoid any conflicts with the glass panels or any type of wall. The fixing should be carefully done to avoid any instances of wear and tear that may be experienced while sliding the doors.

Fixed shower doors

The fixed shower doors are also known as the hinged shower doors. One side of the glass shower door is set while the other side is fixed with a handle and is freely movable. The door rotates on a   pivot hinge allowing the users to transition comfortably from the bathroom to the shower enclosures. When fixing the doors in such situations the contractors or homeowners should ensure that the glass panels on the shower enclosure can handle the weight of the doors. Placing a heavy door on glass panels that cannot handle the weight may result in long-term damage to the entire structure. Maintaining the shower glass doors should also be done regularly so that the doors remain in good condition for a long time.