When you shift to a completely alien environment, it becomes relatively difficult to forge new bonds. It becomes challenging to find individuals with the same interests, same parlance or even the same sense of beings. Students, in particular, tend to get sucked into a whirlpool where misery, isolation, and perplexity are the breeding factor, which is further fuelled by decaying social relationships and a general sense of frenzy. Today, the perception students disk into their brain capacity of the academic domain is imbalanced, distorted and one that systematically starts eating away the fundamental layer of their being. However, they aren’t to be blamed, as the academic sphere itself projects and emits debilitating and incapacitating energies, whereby the motivation and impetus to charge ahead slowly and steadily washes and wears off.

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Therefore, when wanting to disengage with factors that are singling you out, are leading you into the depths of desolation, then start inculcating the following commandments into your life.

  • Join Clubs and Societies: Contrary to your preconceived notion that these types of platforms demand too much time, while simultaneously exhausting you. In reality, these clubs provide you with the opportunity and the window to explore your untapped and unmapped abilities; you can find people with similar thought processes, you can forge bonds and can concurrently enjoy your time, without being pulled down by any facet of your life.
  • Talk: We, as a generation, have deployed several tricks that aid us in avoiding any unnecessary conversations, one of them is when we confine ourselves to our mobile screens when sitting, walking or standing in a group of people. Hence, we should aim to disconnect ourselves from our phones, should try to connect with people when the need arises, rather than contemplating any superfluous detail and should make the decision of having spontaneous conversations, as most people are usually nicer than they seem.
  • Go To Events & Social Gatherings: There are a range of happening social events that take place in a city over the weekend or the week, and therefore the individual should try and attend these places, as then they find like-minded people, can socialize and network with people of their age and can bond over shared interests.