Being the major city of Georgia in the US, a huge transportation hub that connects the south, northeast and Midwest, Atlanta is a very modern and elegant city, where each street and alley is an amazing landmark. The fascinating beauty of the city is presented with its bright colors, expressive modern architecture, historical sights and progressive high-tech style. In order to see everything in Atlanta, you have to move from one part of the city to another and cheapest car rental at Atlanta Airport will be the most convenient way

Atlanta’s population is about 500,000 people. But during the week, the local Hartsfield-Jackson Airport accepts enormous number of tourists arriving to see the beauty of Atlanta with their own eyes, stroll through the streets of the capital of the 1996 Olympic Games, try a real icy Coca-Cola and go along the “Road to Tara” to the possessions of the O’Hara family. After all, Atlanta is the birthplace of Margaret Mitchell, who wrote the famous novel called Gone with the Wind. Perhaps, the house-museum of the authoress will be an ideal spot to begin our acquaintance with Atlanta.

Road To Tara Museum

Writer Margaret Mitchell was born in Atlanta. Her novel “Gone with the Wind” glorified the name of Margaret to the whole world. In the city, on Peach Street in Midtown, the house-museum of the writer is located. It has been was beautifully restored and conveys the atmosphere of the times, when Margaret was engaged in the creation of her works.


Tourists usually travel along the route called Road to Tara, which is recreated based on the novel and is owned by the O’Hara family. The museum itself consists of several estates – Rhett and Scarlet, and carries its guests to the times of the end of the Civil War.


Bald Mountain

One of the main attractions of Atlanta, and, perhaps, the entire state of Georgia, is Bald Mountain situated in Stone Mountain Park. At the entrance to the park you can see a huge mountain that has grown right from the bowels of the earth. Scientists are still guessing how this monolith appeared on the surface of the earth. It’s believed that it originated as a result of an explosion and an earthquake, but some experts suggest that it could be caused by a meteorite.

Stone Mountain Park

It’s interesting to know that this mountain is completely bald and hasn’t any vegetation. On one side of the mountain there’s a monument to the Confederation of the Southern States presented with a bas-relief depicting the heroes of the Civil War – President Jefferson Davis, General Lee and Thomas Jackson are among them. On the funicular you can climb to the top of the mountain, or drive on the old railway around the park, admiring the mountain lakes and steamers that sail there. In the park, restaurants and souvenir shops are open. However, there are many spots for picnic. From spring to autumn a unique laser show can be enjoyed in the park.


Centennial Olympic Park

View from Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta

As you know, in 1996, the Summer Olympic Games were held in Atlanta. By the way, that year the Olympic Park celebrated its 100th anniversary. Such a date could not be ignored by the local authorities, which built a park in honor of the Olympic Games, especially for mass festivities during this sports event. It’s located in the center of Atlanta, and serves as a platform for holding various cultural and musical events, as well as city festivals.


CNN Studio

CNN Center, Atlanta, Georgia

Next to the Olympic Park you’ll find the headquarters of the American television station CNN. Like many public places in the USA, it’s open to visitors. You can take a 1-hour guided tour to find out how news and television projects are created, and see presenters and even get to the live broadcasts or TV shows.


World of Coca-Cola

World of Coca Cola

The famous brand “Coca-Cola” appeared in Atlanta. “World of Coca-Cola” is the museum dedicated to this world-popular drink. This museum will tell you everything you want to know about it, including 1200 historical objects related to the history of the origin and production of Coca Cola. In addition, by the end of the tour you’ll understand why the invention of the pharmacist John Pemberton has become so desirable. Also, you will taste the drinks that are produced by Coca-Cola, and receive a souvenir – a bottle of your favorite drink.


Atlanta Botanical Garden

2009 Atlanta Botanical Garden July30 (13)

Probably, this is the most beautiful place in the city. On the territory of 12 hectares there’s a forest park zone with artificial reservoirs, fountains, flowering beds and a delightful center with orchids. Very often various holidays are held in the Botanical Garden. It’s especially beautiful during Christmas and Halloween. On Halloween, the garden is decorated with various frightening statues, figures and other devilry. Sometimes, Botanical Garden is the place of contests of landscape designers, who create there stunningly beautiful installations from bushes, trees and flowers.


Georgia Aquarium

georgia aquarium

Georgia Aquarium is considered to be the most interesting place in the city both for adults and children. It’s one of the biggest artificial water structures in the world, which is home for more than 500 species of marine inhabitants including sharks, belugas, stingrays, as well as thousands of small fish, which provide a perfect opportunity of enjoying them. Also, the building has a museum with an exhibition of artifacts that were found after the wreck of the Titanic. The entire chronology of the life of this sunken ship is presented in photo, video documents, and objects which were raised from the depth of 3 km.