Known as the city of lakes, Udaipur is another competitor in the race for the most mesmerizing destinations to visit in India. With architectural finesse and beauty, the city offers all that one requires for the perfect family vacation. From sightseeing tours to authentic Udaipur delicacies, one can never get enough of its cultural heritage. So busy in our daily schedules, we tend not to find enough time to spend with our families. Family vacations turn out to be great to spend some quality time away from the bustle of our everyday hectic lives.

1. Planning in advance- Going on a trip with your family means one has to plan every little detail and handle every reservation like hotel and travel in advance so that things don’t come toppling down in the end. Planning a trip to places like Udaipur zoo, it has parks, aquariums, outdoor activities like picnic or horse riding etc. are pretty famous. It opens at 8 am and closes at 6 pm, Celebration mall which has from everything to everything also has various famous food chains available for your mid-day food cravings, Marvel water park stays open from 10:30 am to 6 pm. It is the funkiest place for children with like a zillion water rides and rain dance etc., is very important to blow off steam and enjoy.

From family to friends, everyone enjoys a delicious course of the meal with a big mug of his or her favourite drink on the side. Restaurants like Traditional khana, Natraj dining hall, Ambrai, The Tribute etc. are some cool places to visit. If you already have things decided, it will be helpful and much more conventional.

2. Know your routes- It is fine and actually enjoyable to find new routes and explore new places when one is alone or with friends. But when with family, one should keep in mind to opt for the most familiar route for everybody’s safety. Especially with children around, you never know when what emergency occurs hence you must be in a known locality to be able to find some help and probably be lucky enough for proper medical attention.

3. Pack all the essentials- Essentials involve from medical kits to basic medicines for fever, stomach infection etc., from an extra pair of clothing to an extra pair of everyday products like a brush, toothpaste etc. Be ready for any kind of emergency and anticipate what might go wrong. Prepare a checklist as a reminder so that you don’t forget anything last minute.

4. Don’t be disappointed- Remember it is not a movie, no vacation can ever be perfect. Hence don’t crib and be flexible if things don’t go exactly how you planned or if they get postponed. Learn to enjoy the moment except rushing into everything and at the end, don’t forget that the purpose of the entire trip was not to visit every single place in the city but to spend some quality time with your loved ones.