There are lots of tactics out there while it comes to promoting a business. Usually, special businesses need special promotions. Taxi app business is one of those special businesses which needs to be promoted in a special way. Nowadays almost all the taxi app businesses are focusing on online promotions. That practice is actually good while you want to achieve a healthy and stable business growth.

On the other hand, marketing companies and even businesses are neglecting the power of offline promotions or simply ignoring it by comparing with the power of online promotions. Offline promotions are also as powerful as the online one or maybe more sometimes. Have a look how offline promotions could help you to buzz the taxi app market.

Distributing Booklets And Leaflets

Bars and party places should be your target to distribute booklets and leaflets as usually people at such places really need a ride. Also, talk with the management of such places to promote your service. Other places where you can use the same offline promotional tactic are hotels and airports where senior citizens can be your potential audience. Also, put the leaflets on the parked vehicles, business areas, and at home entries. You can also think of other areas where you can distribute the booklets and leaflets.

Printing Promo Codes On Flyers

Print promo codes, referral codes or about any other offer, discount or deal on the flyers. Circulate those flyers at popular public places like events, exhibitions, hotels, multiplexes, and malls etc. This would help you to attract more riders. Do not forget to print your contact details on the flyers. Also include social platform account details, so that people can follow you on the same and can stay updated with your services. That will also work as a promotional tactic for your business that serves both the purposes of online and offline promotions with a single idea.

Promoting With Publications

Print media is one of the most powerful options to promote any business. As they have the exact fit audience with them suitable to target for any of the business domain like uber clone for a taxi business. Advertise with local newspapers, magazines, and newspapers with free ads. It is important to focus this streamline of promotions as an exact and most popular way for offline promotions. This is one of the oldest ways and publication media has also built the first steps towards the modern approach to business promotions.

Advertising With Local Radios

Take the help of local radio stations to promote your business. It is also one of the best ideas as people used to listen to radio almost all day and especially while on work. The radio stations have plenty of packages from which you can choose one that fits the best to your need. In a very few efforts, you can reach to maximum people. Promote with an offbeat ad that people wait to listen again and again and along with that it should be a motivating one to try your taxi service.

Taking The Help Of QR Code Stickers

This is an in-house offline promotional approach. You can use QR code stickers on the dashboard of each and every taxi working with your app. Dashboards are the best place to stick the offer stickers. The rider can scan the QR code printed on the sticker and enjoy discount each time when they ride. It is the best tactic to retain the rider every time with your business. Riders also love and appreciate such offers and discount they get from the taxi apps. After all, who don’t like discounts and deals, right?

Wrapping Up

The mindset that understands that only online promotions work well for a business is wrong. Most of the time an equal measurement of all the types of promotions means the combo works the best as promotional ideas for any business. Apply the ideas shown here with some online promotional ideas, both at the same time to get the best results and high ROI. You can take the help of any professional to come up with a perfect promotional strategy.

Who can help you with online and offline promotions and to get an app of your dreams? Of course, expert app development firms with the experience of years in the field of taxi app development can be your helping hand. They also offer white label apps which are the best fit for every scale of business as it is the reliable, flexible and scalable option