You may have made a big move from small office to larger premises, or perhaps you’re branching out with another building because your business is growing fast. Either way, there are a few things you need to consider as a new commercial property owners:



  • Property Condition

Having your property checked over by chartered surveyors Manchester is a crucial first step before committing to the premises. They will be able to ensure the building condition is up to your standards. They will also carry out important health and safety checks. A surveyor will have the authority to raise concerns if they believe that there are any risks or endangerment to life in the building’s infrastructure. Many modern leases pass the majority of responsibilities onto the tenant, so it’s important that you outline any issues before you enter into any agreement.



  • Energy Performance

A property’s energy performance can greatly influence whether a business owner is interested in the building. The businesses energy performance rating can directly affect the bills you pay, so having it be the most efficient as possible is key. You will be able to obtain an energy performance certificate from the building to weigh up potential costs. It might also be a good idea to invest in electrical technician services to review the building before you purchase.



  • Fire Safety

The possibility of there being a fire in your building is never something business owners want to think about. However, should the unfortunate eventuality occur, the fire safety is a responsibility shared between the business owner and building owners. Therefore, its important to ascertain whether any specific problems need to be addressed before you the purchase.



  • Planning Permission

You need to check the planning permission associated with your building. It may be that at some point in the future your business expands. An office next-door could become available and you might be interested in knocking down the wall and making the office bigger. Before you enter any agreement, check with the local council what would be the likelihood of you being granted planning permission for such endeavours. If your options are limited, then you should be aware of this before moving in. cleck you have access to all the areas of the building is essential, if you need to get a professional plumber in to fix any issues, complete access is vital



  • Security, Including The Area

The safety of the building and the area should be one of your first priorities when looking for a commercial property. This will affect both your business and your employees. Your workers want to be assured that the place there are coming to work everyday is safe and secure. The building may have a sophisticated alarm system, or security guards on site. Carry out an inspection of the area to decide whether it’s safe for your business and evaluate the future problems you may encounter such as information security management systems.


Looking To The Future

As a business owner, it’s vital that you carry out such important checks prior to committing to your future workplace building. Many owners get caught out when they don’t thoroughly inspect the property and end up facing added costs in the long run. Following a checklist and speak with property solicitors will ensure that you are on top of everything, preventing issues from occurring in the future.