Where to go with kid in Miami? This question is very popular among those who are going to have a big family trip to the heart of Florida. Sunny and multi-faceted Miami is visited by about 14 million tourists a year, and many of them come there with their children. Interesting sights and amazing natural parks will surely delight your kid, and 7-seater rental in Miami will be an ideal way to visit them. So, the greatest attractions of Miami for children are presented in the following review…

Miami Seaquarium


In Miami Seaquarium, children and adults can enjoy breathtaking performances with dolphins and sea lions jumping out of the water, as well as see rays, manatees, sea turtles and crocodiles. But the main inhabitant of the aquarium, attracting thousands of tourists, is a huge killer whale Lolita. Its performance is always incredibly popular. Everyone will also have the opportunity to swim in the pool with dolphins, take beautiful photos or watch the feeding of sharks.
The show schedule changes every day and is drawn up in the morning, so we recommend that you spend at least 4 hours in Miami Seaquarium to see all the shows.

Ticket price: $45 for adults, $35 for children under 9, children under 3 are free of charge


Jungle Island

Jungle Island - Miami FL

Jungle Island is an interactive amusement park with exotic animals. You and your little kids can feed huge parrots, take pictures with monkeys and pet the kangaroo. Jungle Island is home for Hercules, the largest liger (a mixture of a lion and a tiger) in the world listed in the Guinness Book of Records, and his brother Volcano. Also, on Jungle Island there are huge turtles, giant snakes, lemurs, flamingos and many other animals. In addition, there is a private beach with attractions for children and Jungle Theater – an arena for performances involving wild animals from around the world.

Ticket price: $35 for adults, $27 for children under 10, children under 3 are free of charge


Butterfly World

Madeira Butterfly

(photo by Kiasog)

Butterfly World is a replica of a real rainforest with its flora and fauna. A rose garden, a botanical garden, as well as 10,000 butterflies and birds await you in this unique place.

Butterfly World covers the area of ​​about 1.13 hectares. The park features a collection of butterflies gathered from all over the world: from South and Central America, Asia, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries. Rare species of giant butterflies with a wingspan of more than 30 centimeters are also live in the park, and all this beauty is surrounded by flowering tropical plants and evergreen trees. By the way, the park has a large museum of insects.

Ticket price: $27 for adults, $22 for children 3-11


Miami Zoo


One of the most popular places in Miami to visit with children is Miami Zoo. It accommodates over 2000 fauna representatives from Asia, Africa, Australia, South and North America. There are spreading tropical forests. Miami Zoo is characterized by a huge territory, where numerous inhabitants walk almost next to you, separated by only small moats or low fences. The park is home for such rare species of animals as the white tiger, black rhino, and Cuban crocodile.

At the zoo, you can ride by train or a family 4-seater bike and stop near any aviary you want. Also, there’s a suspended monorail, which opens up a panoramic view of the entire territory. Air-conditioners work in the cars, and soft drinks are sold at the stations. It should be noted that if you decide to go around the whole zoo on foot, then it will take at least 4 hours.

Ticket price: $18 for adults, $14 for children 3-12


Miami Children’s Museum

Miami Children's Museum 2003

This is a museum for children of all ages. It presents the world in miniature – a mini-shop, a doctor’s office, a fire station and much more. Adults without children are not allowed there!

Children’s Museum is located on Watson Island, almost in the center of Miami, opposite Jungle Island. It was created in 1983, and moved to a new place only 20 years ago.

In fact, it’s quite difficult to call it a museum in the classical sense. This is a real city for children, which is ready to receive little guests almost all year round.

Children just love this museum, because each of them can play a sailor, teacher, actor, and astronaut. They enjoy riding a police or fire truck and even a motorcycle with flashing lights.

Ticket price: $18 for adults and children from 1 year.


Rapids Water Park

The wave pool

You’ll be able to spend a day filled with fun and adrenaline in the largest water park in South Florida – Rapids Water Park. You will be offered 29 exciting rides. Big Thunder is the newest and largest water attraction in Florida, in which you fell into a funnel with a diameter of 20 meters. You’ll slide down at an angle of 45 degrees and fly around in a tunnel at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour, or you can choose a peaceful river trip on a swim ring.

If you and your kid don’t like extreme sports, there are gentle water slides in the park, which are absolutely not scary to ride. On weekends and holidays, the queues for the slides are quite large, so it is best to go to Rapids Water Park in one of the weekdays.

Ticket price: $40.