Although Nike, Adidas and the other sports giants are still the first choices for most, some people don’t particularly like wearing the same gymwear brands as everyone else. Performance clothing needs to be durable and beneficial while exercising, but second to the essential benefits is also likely how they look and make you feel. With some of the larger companies now focusing on slimmer tech fits and bright neon colours, other brands have the opportunity to create a niche style that will naturally attract people wanting to stand out from the crowd.



A brand designed with 1970’s training gear in mind, Tracksmith focuses on the amateur spirit of gym enthusiasts and incorporates that into their clothing. Regular and loose fits are common with Tracksmith, and they offer more subtle colours with define stripes and patterns to catch anyone’s eye. Their clothing isn’t heavily branded, but you’ll notice they have a small running hare insignia to show off their premium design. Although the clothing may look retro, they use current sports technology in the materials they select to ensure users benefit completely while exercising in Tracksmith clothing.


Horizon Athletic

A sustainable brand that is combining retro Olympic designs with modern technology to make beautiful garments. Horizon Athletic offers both gym clothing and swimwear that has been created by recycled ocean plastic, Econyl is a sports material that is proven to be up to 5 times more durable than conventional material currently used in the industry. The womens activewear brand is looking into the future with their clothing and trying to clean up the ocean which is currently being damage with waste that could be recycled, the ethos behind the brand is stable and if more brands took a page out of their book, we could hope for a much better future.



A brand that was created in East London by three women. They decided that they wanted a brand that catered for the busy London lifestyle that looked and felt energetic. The brand isn’t just for workouts, the company’s ethos is to be a lifestyle brand with an activewear them, on the majority of their pieces you can see relaxed styles with tonal colouring that shows off the brands premium finish.



A fashion forward brand that uses materials that are technically innovative to make a performance driven sports brand. Varley is an option for every occasion, whether you’re heading to work or about to go for a run, Varley designs their garments to be subtle and suitable for every user’s needs.



An innovative brand that offers multiple materials to cater for the user’s activities. With quick dry, moisture wicking, UV protection and compressions benefits available, their three different options help you tailor you gymwear to your personal activities. Koral also offers garments for all different shapes and sizes which even includes a maternity range, making all of their customer comfortable in their activewear.