Makeup can enhance women’s looks. It makes them appear more attractive in the eyes of others. It not only alters the imperfections of your face but also changes the self-esteem and confidence of the person wearing it. Many girls and women love to do eye makeup but are confused on how should they do it? All you need are the right equipment to get started with. For the perfect eye makeup, you need eyeshadows, eyeliners in all colors, mascara, eyelashes, eye cream, and eye gel. You can buy them at a great deal from There are some of the beautiful eye make-ups which go best with the occasions as well for daily wear look. You can choose to wear various eye make-ups depending on your mood and dressing.

Different types of eye makeup look.

There are different types of looks which you can pull it off any day on any occasion. They are:

  1. Professional look: To bring this look, you need to do a little bit of more makeup than the natural look. It needs foundation as the base on your face. Then go with the concealer wherever required. Apply pink blush and choose some earth-toned eyeshadow to apply on your eyes. You can use a light coating of mascara to enhance the look and apply a pinkish coloured lipstick to complete the professional look.
  2. Sexy look: Red color is considered to be sexy. So, for this look, you need a red lipstick and a dark, smoky eye-shadow. Once you complete your eye makeup with the dark eye-shadow, add plenty of mascara to make your lashes look bold.
  3. Special event look: Occasions such as wedding requires makeup which is halfway between the professional and the sexy eye makeup look. Choose an eye-shadow which is a little bronzer in the shade as it would create the perfect shimmer for a wedding night. You can also try the smoky eye-shadow with little mascara. Remember to keep the makeup slightly tame.

Eyes do a lot of talking. Perfect eye makeup can make your day perfect. Given below are some of the example of eye makeup and how to do it.

  • The sharp-edged eye-shadow: The sharp-edged eye-shadow look is considered to be a high fashion trend. To create this look, you need a credit card or a tape. Now place any one of them by making an angle diagonally from the edge of the eye. Take your liner or your eyeliner brush and draw a sharp edge. Fill the rest with eye-shadows.
  • The double-winged eye-liner: To give your eyes a more edgy look, double up your winged liner. First, you need to line your eyes both top and bottom and then wing out on both. Both the wings should be parallel to create the perfect look. For further definition, add some highlight in between the wings.
  • The cat eye makeup: do you want to master the art of creating a cat eye? But you do not know how to wing it perfectly? Here’s a small tip. For this look, you can either use your eyeliner pencil or a gel liner brush. Use it to create the tail of the wing. Create dashes and dots to connect the wing liner. Or you can also draw a tiny, elongated triangle and then fill in the triangle shape with your gel liner. Thicken the liner along the upper lash line to get the perfect cat eye look.
  • Sexy shimmery eyes: To create a lighter and fresh look, try the new shimmery eye makeup look. Smoky eyes don’t always mean using a darker shade of eyeshadows. Start by applying a light shimmery shadow over the eyelid as the base. You can use a whitish-gold tone. Now add in some bronze eyeshadow towards the outer corner of your eye. Intensify the outer corners with a deep brown shade and then line your eyes with mascara to complete the look.
  • Sexy olive and purple eyes: To get this look, start preparing the eyelids by applying primer. It will help to hold the eye makeup for a more extended amount of time. Use a shadow brush and apply powder onto your eyelid. Now contour the crease of your eye with a charcoal grey shade and trace it from the outer corner to the midway point of your eye. Apply the olive shadow directly above the purple liner. To finish the look, line the inner upper and lower rim of your eyes with a jet-black liner.