A Stag Do is basically a bachelor party planned for the groom by his friends with the help of a company that specializes in planning such parties. The purpose of a stag do is to have one last night as a bachelor before getting married to the woman or man of your dreams. These days, stag do parties are usually destination parties. People normally head out to Europe for a weekend of pre-planned and pre booked fun. It involves some fun activities along with a lot of drinking. Among many European destinations for a stag do parties Riga, Latvia is among the popular ones. Riga stag do parties are very popular all over the world. The Riga stag do activities range from going to different bars and drinking lots of beer to more exotic things such as dancers and strippers as well as fun pranks like putting sex toys for men in the grooms’ room.

Here is a list of some of the fun ideas and activities that you could do on a Riga stag do party:

  1. Make Plans In Advance

If you are planning a stag do party for the groom, make plans in advance and book everything from tours and tickets to hotel rooms in advance. Riga is the number one stag do party destination in Europe so it’s best to book in advance in order to avoid a problem later on.

  1. Avail Package Deals

There are different packages available for a stag do parties. These packages offer both day and night time activities. You can book one of these packages in advance. Packages usually include a wide variety of stuff such as casino tours as well as lavish dinner with “entertainment” on the side, Limousine for going back and forth, VIP passes to clubs, parties at saunas, pool parties and of course lot and lots of alcohol. The number of things that you get to do depends on the money you are willing to spend.

  1. Outdoor Activities

Party, girls, and drinking are all that comes to mind when you think of stag do parties. But there is a lot more you can do other than getting wasted. Riga offers a bunch of fun outdoor activities especially catered to those who are there for a stag do parties. There are activities such as going on a beer bike ride, going karting, stag kidnapping, bobsledding, military, and black OPS simulation, laser tag, escape rooms, paintball, and much more like this.

  1. Evening Activities

These are the activities stag do parties are usually characterized as. Evening activities usually include bar tours with a cap on the number of drinks you can have at each bar. These tours are usually guided. Bar tours are usually followed by clubs. It’s best to get stag do’s arrange by professional companies. These companies usually get you VIP passes and access to the best clubs in all of Riga. You can try your luck at a casino while you are having a stag do in Riga because the city has really amazing casinos.

  1. Accommodation

Before the partying begins, you have to think about the accommodation. There is a lot of hotels that you can choose from. But what’s the point of staying at hotels on your stag do. This is a time when you go all out for your best friend. We recommend getting a party house. Party houses are huge luxurious accommodations that you can rent out. Most party houses have a myriad of activities that you can do right on the property. There are many party houses in Riga which you can choose from for your stag do.