Most homes nowadays are constructed with attached garages.  But some old homes have smaller or detached ones. So, when problems arise with garage doors, many homeowners ask themselves, “Do I repair my garage door or install a new one?”


One of the key factors that influence a person’s decision is the cost of repair versus the cost of replacement.   Like any other city, even in Plano garage door repair takes careful consideration.  Here are some areas to think about prior to deciding which is the best option.


  1. Overall cost

It may seem as if repairing faulty parts is the cheaper option.  A repairman will give you an approximate cost of parts that need to be replaced or repaired right away.  He may also point out those that will eventually need to be replaced in the future.  In the long run, repeatedly repairing parts will be costlier as expenses add up.

  1. Aesthetics

If wooden doors complement the exterior style of your house, a fresh coat of paint can give it an instant and cheap makeover.  However, if it is warped or rotten to such an extent that replacing it is the better option, it will make your days easier and increase the market value as well as curb appeal.

  1. Vehicle size

A narrow or small garage will no longer accommodate your needs as car dimensions have altered drastically over the decades.  Reconfiguring the entrance with a new door is an expensive yet practical solution to this dilemma.


Factors that affect the cost of repairing garage doors

The cost of repair depends upon the extent of damage and the amount of work required to fix it.  If the cost of repair surpasses that of replacement or there are multiple issues with the old door, it is obvious that installing a new one is wiser.


  1. Cosmetic damage

If the garage door has only suffered basic forms of damage, such as chipped paint, fading, or damaged panel, repairing it is a good option.  But if it almost ten years old, and you are having additional problems, investing in a new door will prove to be a good ROI.

  1. Structural damage

If the door has endured structural damage, it will adversely affect the overall functionality of the system.  This is a good opportunity to replace it.

  1. Functionality

If your door is not operating up to par, opening or closing too loudly or too slowly, is stuck, or only opens intermittently, the problem must be diagnosed to estimate the cost of repair.  If simple fixes do not bring about optimum results, it’s time to buy a new one.


Benefits of a new door

  • Enhances curb appeal
  • Improves the value of your home
  • More energy-efficient than older models
  • Have greater security features
  • More adaptable to changing weather conditions, such as rain, humidity, snow, etc.


Factors that affect the cost of installing a new garage door

So, you’ve finally decided that the best thing to do is replace the door.  But picking out a door is no simple task.  Prices vary vastly from a few hundred dollars for a basic garage door to several thousand for a top-of-line model.  You may have to put in a bit of footwork alongside research by comparing prices to find the best deal.  Here are factors that will influence the cost:


  1. Materials

The style, size, and design of your garage will greatly influence the cost.  The price varies depending on which material you choose (wood, steel, aluminum, or vinyl); vinyl is more budget-friendly, while steel is costlier.

  1. Insulation

Purchasing an insulated door will save on your energy bill, keeping the rest of your house cool in summer or warm in winter.  However, it comes with its own hefty price tag.

  1. Labor

You will have to pay for labor depending upon the extent of the job.  Design and location will also influence the cost, depending upon whether you will need to widen the opening, replace hardware, or reframe the exterior.

  1. Hidden costs

Although installing a new garage door typically consists of replacing the door, there are several hidden costs associated with it.  Hardware such as tracks and rollers may need to be purchased separately.  The system also has electrical components so the wiring will have to be considered.  Essentially, many homeowners overlook the cost of the removal and proper disposal of the old garage door.


The cost of replacing or repairing a door is no doubt going to put a dent in your pocket.  Many sites encourage homeowners to deal with garage doors by themselves, but this can prove to be highly dangerous.  Your safety and that of your family should be the topmost concern.  Professional garage door technicians are better equipped with tools and installation techniques.  Let them do the job properly and efficiently.