Your home is your sanctuary. It is the place of your comfort and reason for your peace of mind. Your home is a symbol of emotional and financial stability. It is one of the smartest long-term investments that you make. When your home does so much for you, shouldn’t you do something for it too?

Every property ages with time and regular wear and tear. Faulty fixtures and faucets are often the most ordinary things that go wrong and require repair. Homeowners often fail to identify whether the foundation is healthy or damaged. It is often ignored and tends to exacerbate over time, thus, becoming the biggest dilemma of your life.

There could be many reasons why you could need foundation repair. Therefore, choosing the right Foundation repair company is a decision that you should not take lightly. Just a little surfing on the internet would not give you a clear picture of a company’s work or their work ethic. The internet could be a deceptive space after all.

Many amateur foundation repair companies try to make up for their lack of experience by investing in expensive websites and a strong presence on the internet. But there is no need for you to worry about how to choose the perfect foundation repair company because we have curated a list of five questions that will help you finalize the right choice.


  • How long has their experience been in the field?


Did you know that a study conducted by FRA in 2013 revealed that 68% of the 843 houses sampled had some form of foundation damage that was structural and had exceeded to the point of compromising the house’s integrity? Considering these results clarify that foundation repair should be a routine procedure.

When making your call for hiring a company, look at how experienced they are. Any company that has been in the business for a long time must have amassed a wide variety of invaluable skills that only develops with experience. Their master personnel and well-maintained technical resources will ensure that the cracks in your walls are handled with care.


  • Are they duly insured and licensed?


When the stake comes to hiring a professional foundation repair company, it is your due right to ask about their licenses and insurance policy. The state’s registration board can check relevant licensing and insurance coverage. This step is highly recommended and often crucial in its importance. The company’s workers must have insurance for any work-related injuries. These checks ensure that the safety of your house is of paramount concern.


  • What are service warranties offered?


It is one of the signs of excellent craftsmanship that a foundation repair company backs up their work. Providing a sound warranty would prove that the work would last and you won’t have the hassle of looking for another company to fix the mess the previous company created.


  • Do you have any testimonials or references?


Nothing describes the quality of a company’s work better than testimonials. The reliability and customer service becomes easy to judge. You could also ask about the company within your social circle. Sometimes, word of mouth is more convincing than well-structured reviews posted on a website or hung in an office’s hallways.


  • How does the pricing compare with others?


Asking about concomitant benefits could give you the general idea of your investment’s worth. Foundation repair is not something you plan on getting done repetitively. It is an expensive endeavor and one that matters a lot to your home’s integrity. You should always compare the costs to benefits of hiring any foundation repair companies. Ask for the breakdown of their pricing and check it against similar cases.

Hiring the right foundation repair company would make the difference between a collapsed structure and a beautiful and adequately structured house. Make sure that you choose the company that is qualified to handle your home. Don’t pick a company because of their lower prices, they might be inexperienced or compensating to cover a previous mistake.

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