The USA is, perhaps, the only country in the world that can give so many impressions of different amusement parks, attractions, zoos, oceanariums and children’s museums. They are in every state, practically, in every big (and not very big) city of the country. While relaxing in the US with children, you should definitely visit the local amusement parks, which is definitely most convenient while using a family vehicle. In total, there are more than 100 such entertaining institutions in the USA. Many of them are on the coast of Florida and California.

If you decide to go on holiday with a child to the US, be sure, you will never get bored there! Before you plan your route, check out our list of seven cities in five different states of the USA that are considered best for the holiday with the children. They were chosen based on the following criteria:

  • easy access to entertainment spots,
  • it will be interesting for adults and children,
  • cognitive for all age categories,
  • simply entertaining!

  1. Florida

  • Orlando

The most attractive place, which is suitable for families with children, is, unquestionably, Orlando. There are more than 80 amusement parks in the city, including two Disneyland. The ‘Walt Disney World Resort’ is located a few kilometers from Orlando.

There is a ‘Kennedy Space Center’ in Florida. You can learn more about space flights, during a bus tour of the functioning space center.

You can visit ‘Sea World Orlando’ – a theme park with marine life (with the ‘Wild Arctic Aquarium’), animals and entertainment. Moreover, at ‘Shamu Stadium’ you are able to watch a delightful show of killer whales, seals and dolphins. If desired, you can swim in the huge pool with dolphins and whales. You may also go for a swim in the vast expanses of the Atlantic coast, or to the lake of Aeolus, to ride a boat or catamaran.

  • Miami

If you decide to go with children to Miami, we advise you to visit ‘Miami Metrozoo’- the largest aquarium and zoo, and an amazingly beautiful Venetian pool.

  1. Hawaii

  • Kauai

An excellent option for recreation with children is Hawaii. It is necessary to go to the islands at least in order to see how the local people live, to be acquainted with the traditions, to learn how to dance folk dances. The island of Kauai suits children the most- with canyons, dozens of colorful, safe beaches, quaint rocks, and a fantastic ocean. The rescuers on the beaches are on duty 24/7. Make your choice on the wide sandy beach of Hanalei with a well-developed infrastructure and lots of entertainment for children.

Alternatively, you can go to the volcanic island of Oahu and visit the ‘Sea Life Park’ to watch the marine life. We also advise you to go to a mini zoo, which is in the rainforest, to ride a pony. Children will be enthusiastic about this place!

  1. District of Columbia
  • Washington

As you know, Washington is the business capital of the USA, a city of serious businesspeople. However, even there you and your child will not be bored. Firstly, the city has many sights that you can visit for free. Secondly, even though there is no Disneyland in Washington, but 20 minutes from the city there is a park called ‘Six Flags’, where you can ride a roller coaster and other rides, and visit the water park in summer. Thirdly, you can walk to the White House and, of course, watch museums in Washington: Museum of Natural History, interactive National Children’s Museum and Spy Museum.

Go to the Smithsonian’s Zoo and the Zoo of insects; relax in the city parks and squares. Older children will be interested in excursions to the Capitol or the Library of Congress.

  1. Illinois

  • Chicago

Although Chicago was best known as a city of gangsters and mafia, today it is entirely different city. In this city, you and your children will find many interesting places. The Millennium Park, Six Flags amusement park with nine themed areas and picnic areas, Navy Pier with a huge Ferris wheel, LEGOLAND entertainment center, John Shedd Aquarium and the mass of urban areas for recreation with children are well known all over the world.

In Lincoln Park, there is a free zoo, where you can watch polar bears and seals. Moreover, there are different restaurants and cafes at affordable prices.

  1. California

  • Los Angeles

The most entertaining place in Los Angeles is Disneyland. California Disneyland was built in 1955. Kids will have a great time here, immersed in the world of Disney fairy tales.

Studio “Universal”. This amazing place in Los Angeles will allow you and your children to enter the world of cinema in all its brightness and to see the shooting pavilions of famous films. In “Universal”, the entrance ticket costs about 75 dollars and a ticket with the ability to have any ride without standing in a queue – 119 dollars.

  • San Diego

You can go to the southernmost city of California, San Diego, and combine rest by the sea with a visit to the entertainment centers of the city. First of all, come to the world famous zoo, where you will go on a safari in the real habitat of animals. Alternatively, you can visit a real aircraft carrier USS Midway – a ship-museum, where the tours are guided by the former soldiers. Come to the Aviation Museum on the real ‘Marine Corps Air Station Miramar’ military base with a dozen propellers from the Second World War. Especially this place will be interesting to the boys.

At the ‘Sea World’, water park all day long you can have fun on water slides and watch a show with killer whales and dolphins. The property of San Diego is “LEGOLAND”, on a huge area of ​​which are located real Lego-cities and various expositions created from tens of millions of Legos. There is also the park “America in Miniature”, made from the same pieces, where entertainment shows are held. You can visit all of the entertainment parks, using  rental car.

In the USA, there is every opportunity for the best holiday with children. There is a huge entertainment industry, many amusement parks, theme parks and other interesting places. Zoos and aquariums allow you to see closely the most diverse representatives of the world’s fauna during a family vacation with children in the United States.

Moreover, if you want to be acquainted with nature outside the enclosures and aquariums, go to any of the national parks of the country. The USA is one of the most popular places for ecotourism, so it is quite possible to go with a backpack and a tent to the famous Yellowstone.