Waste management is an industry in itself. In many developed countries around the world, proper waste handling, disposal, and recovery are part of government initiatives. For some, recycling is already a way of life. In the UK, for example, waste management accounts for £9 billion in annual turnover and employs more than 70,000 workers. There are three ways by which the country processes its waste:

  • 40% of domestic waste is recycled

  • 52% of industrial or commercial waste is reused or recycled

  • 55% of waste is destined to landfills.

It is quite notable that many commercial businesses and industries are already answering the need for concrete environmentally sound business practices, but not all companies are doing so.

The main hesitancy stems from the misconception that recycling is time-consuming and can cost money. You can begin small and work your way up. For starters, you can have a waste recycling solution that includes waste collection and delivery to a facility with Recycling Machinery. But with these considerations aside, here are the main benefits of recycling waste:

  • It is a sound business practice and quite Ethical too

Each individual has the responsibility to help save the environment. As a group of individuals serving the same purpose, a company has the advantage of reinforcing policies that will not only compel, but make recycling a culture within the organization. There is more to it than simply helping the environment. You are saving precious resources from getting depleted and allowing for the re-use of materials through a well-established recovery system.

  • Reducing the need for landfills

Landfills are not the best solution for managing waste. In the UK alone, the amount of space dedicated to landfills is slowly decreasing. As such, it is important that every industry, especially commercial companies should help reduce the need to place recyclable materials in landfills.

  • Recycling is Cost-effective

Starting a culture of recycling in the workplace is not expensive. You can start by setting up sorting bins. By the time the waste is collected, it will be easier to identify which materials are reusable. A company who wants to take it a step further can invest in their own waste recycling facility and equipment. Nonetheless, this option is more applicable to industries that produce large amounts of waste on a daily basis such as manufacturing companies.

Recycling Solutions

Since the waste recycling industry is already well-established, all you need to do is to enforce a waste management solution that fits the needs of your organisation. You can contact a recycling company and have them assess the services that would best fit the scale of waste production in your office.

These recycling companies will then take care of sorting, and recycling all the collected waste. Another option to consider is setting up your own in-house recycling facility. Machinery can be rented, leased, or bought depending on the company’s budget. One benefit of having your own recycling facility is that you can reduce the baseline cost of waste collection as well as increase revenue from recycled and recovered materials.