If properly placed, lighting can instantly transform the dullest venue into the most exciting one. It can also bring out the smallest details and make any part of the venue photo friendly. Here are some tips on how to bring out the best of your wedding reception through proper lighting.

Pick your Glow

Whether you like a candlelight venue or a parade of lanterns, that’s up to you. Just keep in mind that the type of lighting that you choose should suit not only your wedding’s theme but your budget as well. Before you decide, you should consult a pro to provide you with suggestions.

Find a pro

There are various ways to find a pro for your lighting. Your wedding organizer might have a partner that works with them or you can also ask the coordinator at your reception venue. Professionals like those from Lighting Hire London can be your lighting partner for your wedding. Ask for pictures of the venues they have transformed using different kinds of lighting.

Pick between an indoor or Outdoor Reception

The place where you will be celebrating will greatly impact the type of lighting that you need. Before you decide on your reception concept, decide whether you want to have it indoors or outdoors.

If you are going to have it indoors, you may want to visit the venue and visualize how you want the lights to be placed. If you opt to do it outdoors, then visit the venue at night so you can decide what areas you would like to be illuminated. Make sure that you have a pro with you; they can share some ideas too.

Understand some lighting lingo

Pin spot, colour wash, gobos, LED, string lighting – these are just some lighting terms used for weddings. Now let us try to describe each one of these.

  • Pin spot. This is a focused beam of light that can directly shine onto an object such as a wedding cake.

  • Colour wash. This is a colored light that can cover an entire area. It is more often used to create a mood or change the feel of the venue.

  • Gobos. These are stencils that are placed on top of the light to create a pattern.

  • LED. This light uses less electricity compared to the rest. It is ideal for producing different colors and hues.

  • String lighting. This can instantly bring a magical effect to the venue.

Decide your wedding style

Will you go for classic? Or rustic? Or modern? Or you just want it to be romantic? Whatever your style is, it should perfectly match your lighting.

Use gobos to add a monogram to your dance floor. Hang a chandelier for an intimate feel. Add LED lights to floral arrangements to bring out their luminous stems. These are just some ideas on how to bring out the best in your wedding reception venue.

Lighting can add some shine on your wedding day, so you have to closely pick the right lighting supplier for you.