So the battle continues; Adidas vs. Nike. Which of the two is superior? This debate has been around for long, but we hope to settle it here today. What’s your take, the three stripes or the swoosh? While you may have your reasons, the amazing history coupled with the astounding products makes “three stripes” take the lead. Read on about the reasons that make Adidas better than Nike and watch yourself change your opinion.

1. The Founder’s Passion

Adi Dasler

Adi Dasler, by Wikipedia

Adi Dassler, the founder of Adidas, was both a passionate cobbler and athlete. When he set out, he had the needs of sportsmen and women at heart. This is the spirit the company carries up to this day. You can never wish for any other drive for a company that makes sportswear.

2. The Great History

Spanning more than half a century, the “three stripes” history is one packed with satisfaction for its customers. The company is not only among the oldest in the sports industry but also one with a trail of success highlights along the way. From products that received one of the highest demands to breakthroughs in shoe technologies, the company has always performed exceptionally well.

3. The Tale Behind the World Cup Victory

FIFA world cup

FIFA world cup, by Wikipedia

In 1954, Germany won the FIFA world cup. Can you guess what could have been the drive to the win? No need to, because it was probably the German-based sportswear maker. The company made the shoes that the winning team wore, boosting the sportsmanship of the players.

4. Winning Streaks in World Games

Jesse Owens

Jesse Owens, by Wikipedia

Many sportsmen and women have won medals while wearing Adidas shoes. The winning history spans more than 80 years. In 1936, Jesse Owens scooped 4 golds in the Olympics. In 1952, Emil Zatopek won 3 golds in within one week. In yet another one, athletes Donovan Bailey, Nourredine Morceli, and Haile Gebrselassie won gold in different races. All of the athletes wore “three stripes” shoes

5. Distinctive Logo

Yes, the logo that stays in your mind forever. Although the “three stripes” logo has evolved over the years, the current one holds so true to the company’s spirit; to remain in the hearts of people. It’s simple and distinct. With it, you cannot miss or mistake a product that’s from this company..

6. Revolutionary Technologies and Designs

Let’s agree that Adidas boasts the most astounding sports shoes design and technologies on the planet. Take Boost, for example, the foam cushioning that revolutionized the comfort of sneakers. Other breakthroughs include the NMD design, the style that set Adidas apart from the other companies. It hit the market with force never seen before.

7. Incredible Achievements

Adidas would beat Nike hands down if we were to go down the memory lane. Even before Nike came to be, Adidas was already churning out innovative shoe designs. The notable ones in the archives include the Samba models. The shoes are still a favorite today, having stood the test of time.

8. Mention by Famous Artists

Adidas has been sung by world-renowned musicians, among them Run DMC. In 1986, they entertained New York fans in a show that would see sales skyrocket at Adidas. Other famous artists have advanced the cause of the company over the years.