Travel Tips For Parents: Why Visit Puerto Rico With Kids?

Planning your vacation? Want something special? It you are still in search of the most favorable place to pick for your trip, pay attention to Puerto Rico destination. Looking for the bright sun the whole day, tasty and aromatic cuisine, and wild exotic nature, Puerto Rico is just for you. You trip may start from Luis Munoz Marin Airport in San Juan, where you can rent a good family car and go to find the secrets that the island is hiding from visitors. Read these reasons first in favor of visiting Puerto Rico with young family members.

Fried Bananas with honey and topped with Cinnamon

  1. Fresh Fruits

It happens that local cuisine consists of Spanish, African, and American dishes. Local ingredients, such as papaya, cacao, seafood, and others are easy to find here. The most popular ingredient that every kid likes is banana. You can try raw, fried, boiled bananas, as part of sauces and appetizers. You can try them mashed, grilled and caramelized. These exotic goodies are completed with sweet syrups, coconuts, guava and other sorts of exotic fruits.

  1. Water Attractions

Puerto Rico is almost 200-300 miles of beach line. You’ll definitely find what your kids like to do on the beach. The most of the beaches are sandy and pleasant. They are good and well equipped to stay there with kids. You can also find wild and quiet places. The weather is often windy and your adult kids can practice in sailing, wind surfing. You can also discover water caves and lagoons.

Bradley Beach - 20100706-JAP_5383

  1. Tropical Forest

Your kids will admire the tropical wild nature of Puerto Rican territory. You should visit El Yunque. This is the tropical forest in the US National Forest system. You cannot find better place for hiking, making picnics, swimming or taking the most amazing pictures of the Atlantic Ocean and the warmest Caribbean Sea.

  1. Privileges for US Citizens

Puerto Rican territory is a good chance to explore new land, new culture. If you are from America, you don’t need any passport to cross the border. Just cross the border as you are going to the next street shop. Also, you shouldn’t worry about money difference. It is still US territory, so American dollar is available here. The language you can speak and understand is English and Spanish.

  1. Old City

The oldest part of San Juan is a place of stony broad streets and ancient architecture in colonial style. You can notice the mix of European and Caribbean style. You can see bright colors, small shops, street music here. Try to come here on weekend. You kids will like to visit a local farm market. This is a nice opportunity to taste new food and buy lots of tasty goodies.

Calle Morovis

  1. Learn History with El Morro

Locals can boast their rich history. It was the only possible gateway to get Caribbean many years ago. You can see many forts and fortresses here. The most popular of them is Castillo del Morro, or simply called El Morro. This picturesque fortress was built to meet the sea attacks from Europe. This is also a popular touristic place. In our days El Morro runs by American National Park Service. You can find more information about it, and also detailed [plan of the fortress and way to get there on the website.

Bienvenido a La Habana

  1. Rainy Day Activities

What to do with kids when it is raining? Do you think San Juan is boring for that? This is a place where rain comes not often, especially in summer. But when it is raining, your kids will never feel boring. Honestly, your kids will like to spend time with you, whenever you go. So, why don’t you visit Museo Historico de la Biblio? Do you think history is boring for your kids? This is a kind of big attraction. You kids will feel crazy of animatronic dinosaurs, roared animals, a big skating rink, golf field, aquarium, pizza place for dinner. There is much to do here. What is more, it’s very comfortable to have different attraction on one place. Don’t worry about the weather. The Museum of History is not the last, but rather popular place to visit with your family.


Want more reasons to take your kids to San Juan?

One more thing, you can find a lot of historical places in Puerto Rico. But never forget that it is also good place for simple attractions, like flying kits in the city parks. The most popular place is El Morro fields. You can always come here for kite flying, having picnics, excursions. It is free and enjoyable. Just don’t forget to buy food for your picnic in the city shop near here. There are food shops on the fortress territory.

Still have doubts about Puerto Rico? You can easily read about kids attractions on the web. There are many helpful websites, where people share their true experience, opinion, attractive offers. No problem to find the best hotel to stay with kids in comfort, family car for rent and most attractive excursion places to visit with family.